Google Street Views Expands to Egyptian Pyramids

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Google Street View has recently expanded into the Middle East, and brought images of several of Egypt's most iconic and ancient landmarks online. To do so, the Google team couldn't rely on the usual Google Street View cars. Instead, they used the Trekker, a wearable backpack with a built-in camera system.

Joyce Baz, Google's communications manager for Middle East North Africa, told Znet that the backpack is "a little over a metre in height when set on the ground and when worn, the camera system extends above the operator's shoulders. There are 15 lenses at the top of the mast, each pointed in a different direction that enables to create a 360-degree panoramic view...[The Trekker can] go down footpaths, tracks and narrow pathways to get images of areas of natural beauty or tourist sites."

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