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Next|Video Session Preview: Broadcast Quality at a Digital Price

Read our Q&A with Scott Fitzgerald, Video Production Manager of

After 25 years as a broadcaster in San Diego, Seattle and Miami, and then five years in online video production, Scott Fitzgerald has switched gears dramatically, forging a fresh approach to online content creation. Fitzgerald designed a state-of-the-art HD video facility for on a digital budget, where live, broadcast-quality programs can be produced by three-person teams.

What is’s approach to online video content?

Scott Fitzgerald: is its own animal. We do the online content for CBS Sports as a partner with them. We don’t approach our content as a broadcaster—we approach it as an online content provider. Our online content for CBS Sports is as distinctive from CBS as the way we deliver it.

What guides your technical and business decisions?

Some of those in the digital world take the broadcast model and try to shrink it and cut. For our digital model, we asked: Instead of cutting, how can we combine jobs safely and reduce the cost of production? The technology wasn’t available 10 or 15 years, ago when you needed 15 to 20 people to run production. Now with remote cameras, IP transmission and other innovations, we are able to combine resources and do a full broadcast model with three to five people.

What will Next|Video attendees learn from your presentation?

Our concept of directing by committee is new. We don’t have a full-blown director sitting there calling the show; each person has two and a half roles, as opposed to one. The tasks are divided up and three people are directing at the same time. How is it that everybody can be in charge? We’re sure we can get three people on the same page. That’s a real break from broadcast.

At “Broadcast Quality at a Digital Price,” production managers, directors and studio managers will learn:

  • How current technology can stretch your production budget: You can build a broadcast model at a digital price.
  • Television broadcasting can guide your goals but not your checkbook: How to break the broadcast model.
  • Doing more with fewer people: Knowing what to cut and when “multi-tasking” is too much.

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