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A Quarter of Online Video Activity Happens on Mobile

A new study from Ooyala has found that 25% of all online video activity happens on mobile devices. This is a 400% leap compared to just two years ago. The report also predicted that 50% of online video views will be on mobile by 2016, and found a direct correlation between inclement weather and an uptick in video views.

As they write in their report, “Even a year ago, the increase in mobile video viewing was just a phenomenon on track to eventually play a role in the decisions operators and broadcasters made about their video strategy. It was on the radar, but a safe distance away. Today, it has become a stark reality, challenging existing TV-centric business models. Virtually every industry pundit now realizes that mobile video will impact service provider and broadcaster business models. Mobile must be seen as core to their business, not just
incremental revenue.”

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