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Fox Leverages Social Media Power with Timely, Topical ‘Simpsons’ Posts

As Fox’s FXX gets ready to launch Simpsons World, its website and app that will stream every episode of The Simpsons ever and be loaded with extra content, it has been ramping up its social media efforts with a series of timely, thought-out posts. Those include viral clips of everything from Homer Simpson doing the Ice Bucket Challenge to Groundskeeper Willie making a plea for Scottish Independence.

In the meantime, the social media account for the massive Simpsons marathon that FXX ran a couple of weeks ago (@EverySimpsons) has been equally active. Rick Miller, VP at Networked Insights, told Digiday, “The Simpsons fan base rejoins for many causes, especially if that cause is simply sitting on their couches watching The Simpsons. FXX leapt at this chance, and they may reap the benefits.”

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