Facebook Releases Booming Video Stats

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Stats from Facebook about its videos--which started autoplaying on feeds last year--are showing remarkable growth. The social site is doing a billion video views per day and organic video views grew by 50% from May to July.

Writes re/Code, "There are plenty of reasons to assume that Facebook video really is taking off. The most obvious ones are that people like to watch video — that’s why YouTube has more than a billion users — and that sharing videos with your friends in Facebook, as opposed to emailing or whatevering them a link, makes them much more likely to watch it. And if that’s the case, then video makers are going to need to figure out what sort of clips will work best on Facebook, where most people are going to encounter them as silent movies. What sort of thing would make you stop and watch a video that’s already started, without any sound cues?"

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Zylia Releases New ZYLIA Studio PRO and ZYLIA Ambisonics Converter Plug-Ins for Pro Tools

Zylia, the Poland-based manufacturer of multitrack audio recording technologies, today unveiled its new ZYLIA Studio PRO and ZYLIA Ambisonics Converter plug-ins for the Pro Tools digital audio workstation (DAW). Developed to address the needs of audio enthusiasts, the new plug-ins accommodate specific characteristics of Pro Tools and enable use of the DAW with the innovative ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone, along with the ZYLIA Studio PRO and ZYLIA Ambisonics Converter software.