Vidmind Partners with Media Excel to Strengthen Turnkey OTT Solution

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Vidmind (Tel Aviv, Israel) was founded to deliver an OTT platform for new TV service providers. Newcomers are entering the pay TV market from many spaces. These include traditional operators who already manage content, as well as retailers, mobile operators, ISPs and more—all who are trying to leapfrog each other into this market. When they take this leap, market entry speed matters.

At Vidmind, we developed a cloud platform to take these companies to market quickly and cost effectively, giving them a competitive advantage. Our clients get a “black box” that contains everything they need to be a TV operator: content ingest, transcoding, DRM, CRM, content management, recommendation engines, integration into social networks, and a range of user applications to allow consumption of content on mobile devices, the web, and Android-based set-top boxes. Our set-top box can receive free-to-air content using the DVB-T/T2 standard, as well as live IP channels and on-demand content. Our platform allows each operator to manage their own content and business offerings to create a totally different catalog customized to their interests.

It’s All About Customer Service

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Dror Kraus

Our clients require two things: high quality and high reliability. Professional content has to be served in a professional way. Content providers spend a tremendous amount of money to generate content, and we want to preserve the integrity of that content. Their clients, the consumer, want to be agnostic about where content comes from, and demand the same experience, regardless the screen or network they’re on. We offer unified four-screen service, from day one, with the same quality and reliability across all. This is our key advantage.

We offer Media Excel as part of our deployments to provide either a cloud-based or an on-premise content transcoding solution as a service. Using the cloud solution, the customer doesn’t have to install anything, and he gets the same functionality and availability as an on-premises device, with no maintenance required.

When we picked a supplier for this part of our business, the first things we tested were quality and responsiveness. System quality and availability are key to our clients’ success. We evaluated all the major players and found that Media Excel best fit our requirements. And as all business decisions ultimately come down to people, the connections we formed with Media Excel sealed our decision.

No Shortage of Support

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Vidmind interface on television

When we create our partnerships, we look for a relationship that will last for the long term, as our own future relies on the stability of our product platform. With Media Excel, we found the company’s commitment to engineering, operational support and professional services were there from the beginning. The DNA of Media Excel is right for us, providing that extra support during challenges and instilling confidence as we work together on future features. No matter how demanding the application, we can create what we need with Media Excel. The company offers the technology we know we’ll need, and we trust them to deliver.

We’re running multiple Media Excel deployments worldwide, including one just launched in Russia with a very large retailer. Together with Media Excel, we can let our customers be wherever they want.  

Dror Kraus is the chief operating officer at Vidmind and has more than 14 years of professional telecom experience. He may be contacted at For additional information, visit


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