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Aframe: Secure Cloud Storage and Collaboration for Professional Video

Rockabox Studios (London) is a creative design, production and technology company that has worked with a huge range of brands including Microsoft, Thomson, Waitrose and House of Fraser.

Typically we’ve stored video projects on the company servers and also on-site on large-format external hard drives. This approach had its downsides—maintaining your own server system isn’t the most cost-effective approach. You begin to accumulate many external hard drives that take up physical space. Managing storage also can be very time-consuming. Data on drives can become corrupted, damaged or lost, and can only be accessed on-site.

Moving Away from On-Site Storage

Moe Miah

Beginning in early 2013 we researched a number of cloud-based media storage companies and determined that Aframe, a cloud video platform for storing, collecting and managing professional video content, was right for us, as it was the most cost-effective, powerful and supportive service provider we found.

During the past six months we’ve transitioned to Aframe’s secure cloud storage system to store all of our video projects, from short-form, episodic video content to long-form content. We’ve also recently used it for a sizable project we’ve been working on with a well known fashion retailer.

Aframe immediately proved its value with its ease of viewing content and internal sharing capabilities. Its very user-friendly dashboard allows us to search, preview and then download our desired content without the upload/download charges made by some others.

Aframe also keeps three copies for us: two in London and one off-site in a geographically distant location.

No Delays or Wasted Time

In addition, Aframe allows our crews to upload rushes to their storage system while on location as long as there’s a high-speed data connection available. These rushes can then be downloaded by postproduction personnel back at the studio.

Businesses such as ours explore cloud storage for many reasons. For us, the main benefit of Aframe continues to be risk management. Our clients’ brands and assets must remain protected during production; we can’t risk content being accessed by others outside our team. Likewise, we view our investment into Aframe as precisely that: securing ourselves against risk.

As a private cloud, with its own data centers and resources, Aframe has complete control over multiple IT variables in a way that solutions hosted on public clouds do not. Knowing exactly where our data is physically stored—along with knowledge that the encryption, account security, server security, network protection and media backup are in place—made us feel comfortable in moving to the cloud in the first place.

Additionally, Aframe has demonstrated a huge amount of knowledge and expertise specific to storage. Its additional features for collaboration are intriguing and we are exploring them as we take on longer-form production globally.

As a growing company, Rockabox has specific needs that not every horizontal cloud storage solution can easily address: storage demands that can grow tremendously, the need for secure archiving after a project is completed, and client support around the clock and globally.

Aframe securely protects our media and makes it accessible worldwide, allowing us to focus on our main priority: the quality of our creative services.   VE

Moe Miah is content creator for Rockabox and a former producer, editor and director of photography. He may be contacted through his LinkedIn account, For additional information, visit