Buyer's Brief: Cloud Storage

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Amazon Web Services

CloudFront Content Delivery Service

Amazon Web Services’ CloudFront Content Delivery Service is easily integrated with other Amazon Web Services products to provide content developers with a cost-effective way to store and deliver products. CloudFront offers users low latency and high transfer speeds. There are no minimum commitments or upfront fees. Users can store video assets in CloudFront servers and then deliver those assets at high throughput rates when and where they are desired. Amazon Web Services also offers media downloading on an on-demand basis. Amazon Web Services provides a range of content distribution management tools for clients, including detection of viewing device, implementation of geographical restrictions and more.

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OneDrive for Business

Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business (formerly known as SkyDrive) provides users with 1 TB of online cloud file storage at a low monthly cost. (Additional storage is also attractively priced.) OneDrive for Business features desktop syncing, mobile access, built-in integration with Microsoft Office, automatic versioning, built-in standards compliance, auditing and reporting, and multifactor authentication support., Access to stored content is provided via both desktop and native mobile apps. Supported operating systems include Windows 8 and Windows RT. Support is also provided for iOS devices.

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Sony Media Cloud Services


Sony Media Cloud Services solutions allow users to upload footage, perform rough-cut editing and securely share projects with the production team or clients for review and approval. Support is provided for most video formats. Uploading of assets to cloud storage is fast and easily accomplished with a web browser. Files can be accessed anywhere there’s an Internet connection. There’s also wireless support for Ci-connected devices. Management of content is easy as users can privately stream content to designated users and also place an expiration date on files for added security.

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Vitec Production Solutions at GV Expo 2018

Vitec Production Solutions provides cost-effective products that support broadcast and educational productions, live events, and more. Media professionals, AV teams, and lighting technicians from across the public sector need intuitive solutions that integrate easily into existing infrastructure and production workflows while remaining within budget. Anton/Bauer's Dionic XT is a great example of a high-performance product offering outstanding ROI that's also cross-compatible with nearly any charger on the market. We look forward to showing GV Expo 2018 attendees how all of our lighting, camera support, prompting, and mobile power solutions can help them create and capture the video content they desire while giving them the flexibility and durability they need.