MTV VMAs Mines Snapchat and Lyric Videos for Social Dominance

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As always, last night's MTV Video Music Awards was a chance for the network to leverage the social media footprint of its young demographic and get virtual tongues wagging.

MTV started off its social deluge by announcing its nominees via Snapchat, only allowing the nomination videos to exist for 24 hours on the social network.

Colin Helms, MTV's SVP of Connected Content, tells Lost Remote, "Announcing the nominees via Snapchat was a big first for us. Each year we try to come up with something different socially to release the nominations and we saw the growth of our audience on Snapchat this year so it was a natural fit. Quantitatively, the videos were streamed over 400,000 times in their 24 hour existence. Qualitatively, we saw a deluge of screenshots of our Snapchat story, and mentions of our Snapchat account in general, posted throughout other social networks. That was sort of the point — reward our early followers on a new platform channel with early access to the assets, but take advantage of the natural Snapchat behavior of screen shot-ing and sharing to other social networks and use talent with highly socially active fan bases to get our reach."

MTV also introduced a new category, Best Lyric Video, which was voted on via hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine.

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