Why Online Video Ads Are Effective

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Jess Bolluyt of Wall Street Cheat Sheet explains some of the issues and complaints surrounding online video ads, and why they are still an effective form of advertising.

Bolluyt writes, "Ad targeting technology is constantly improving, with advertisers now using tools that let them decide which users to show a specific ad based on the type of the device they’re using, their location, the type of content they’re viewing, and their behavioral history. Video advertising platform Videology noted in its second-quarter report (PDF) on the video advertising market that 36 percent of the ads on its platform during the quarter were targeted based on user behavior, 26 percent by domain, 26 percent geographically, and 4 percent contextually, with a 16 percent increase in behaviorally marketed ads quarter-over-quarter, demonstrating that advertisers are working to make sure that they’re showing ads to an audience who will consider them relevant."

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