's Workflow for 400,000 Video Streams

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Updated on's EVP and CTO Joseph Inzerillo talks to PC Mag's Michael J. Miller about how he handles his site's streaming video load, which has gone up from 19,000 video streams in 2009 to 400,000 this year.

Writes Miller, "Fans 'vote with their eyeballs,' Inzerillo said, noting that video streaming and mobile apps are growing very quickly. He said he viewed the tablet as 'the next generation television set.' One major new project includes player tracking, which tracks the position of every person on the field, so it can better monitor things such as fielding, reaction to the ball, route efficiency, etc. This is currently working in three ballparks with plans to roll out to more in 2015, along with more consumer-facing applications. But this results in 'three orders of magnitude' more data collected than traditional baseball statistics."

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