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HuffPost Live President on Lessons Learned and What’s Ahead

Heading toward its two-year anniversary, HuffPost Live president Roy Sekoff talks to Lost Remote about the lessons learned from his entirely social, live Internet news network.

Says Sekoff, “As we head towards our 2-year anniversary, like the rest of the industry, we’re pivoting to make sure we keep pace with the social and mobile revolutions. But we have a different take on things.  It seems like everyone else in the news space has decided that the shift to mobile means that everything they do has to be as short as possible — nothing longer than 15 seconds! In this world, a minute and a half video is considered long form. But over the last 23 months of doing HuffPost Live, we’ve learned that audiences aren’t as ADD as people think. Yes, sometimes they just want a quick 15 second-update while standing in line at the supermarket.  But sometimes they want to go much deeper.  That’s why the average visit to HuffPost Live lasts close to 20 minutes, which is about 5 times the industry average. So, for us, the goal moving forward is to use the same editorial team, working on the same stories, to create a 6 second video, a 15 second video, a five minute video, a 25 minute video, and an 8 hour live streaming experience.”

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