Amazon Studios Head: Digital Programming Needs to Be More Specific

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The Hollywood Reporter talks to Amazon Studios head Roy Price about his plans to continue expanding Amazon’s foray into original programming.

Says Price that Amazon Studios’ credo is “to create fantastic content that Amazon customers will love, that will make Prime more fantastic and desirable. That is really goal number one. We also think that as you look forward into the media business, the distance from creators to customers or viewers or whatever is going to get a lot shorter. It's going to be more common for creators to be able to reach out and directly interact with their audience. In addition to producing great shows, there’s an opportunity to try to help make this happen and maybe create a platform for that. “

Amazon had already gotten attention in that regard by using direct customer feedback to decide whether a pilot gets picked up or not. Price also insists that success on a digital platform comes in a different form than on linear TV. “Let's say you had a show where 80 percent of the people you show it to think it's pretty good. They might watch it, but none of those people think it's a great show nor is it their favorite show. But then you have another show where only 30 percent of people like it. For every single one of them, they're going to watch every single episode and they love it. Well, in an on-demand world, show No. 2 is more valuable,” he says. “That really changes how you approach it, because what you need to do is get more specific. It's less about following generic, general rules for creating television and more about finding a specific voice and a specific artist that people are going to be a fan of.”

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