Dejero Unveils Ergonomic Carrier System For Video Journalists

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Dejero, a provider of bonded cellular and hybrid microwave/IP technologies for mobile newsgathering, has developed a rugged and modular carrier system for the company's portable transmitters, called Dejero LIVE+. Roughly the size of a small briefcase, the LIVE+ Carrier is designed to increase a news crew's mobility and comfort by making it easy to secure and carry a mobile transmitter, such as the LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter, to the scene of breaking news. 

"Our LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter is already light, portable, and easy to carry right into the heart of a breaking news story—giving news crews more mobility and flexibility than they would ever have if broadcasting with a traditional microwave or satellite vehicle," said Brian Cram, CEO of Dejero. "In listening to our customers and investigating options for making the 20/20 Transmitter even more versatile, we came up with the Carrier."

Now a camera operator on the move can carry the transmitter on his or her back and shoot live footage of breaking news in a rugged and hard-to-reach area, he said, such as the scene of a wildfire or other disaster.

"With the ability to transmit broadcast-quality video directly from the news source using available wireless networks, mobile crews are able to bring immediacy, excitement, and continuity to their breaking news coverage."

The LIVE+ Carrier features an ergonomically correct harness that adjusts to a person's torso length, comfortable shoulder straps, and a hip belt with ventilated lumbar and lateral support padding. Other features include a rain cover, quick release buckles and webbing straps to attach accessory bags, as well as a battery-mount module that provides easy access to hot-swappable batteries. 

Using the versatile mounting system, the LIVE+ mobile transmitter can be easily removed from the harness and securely snapped into a news vehicle, onto the wall at the broadcast facility for organized storage, or onto a motorcycle. The lightweight harness can also be used to carry other waterproof and crushproof cases for easy transport of broadcast gear.