Appear TV Demos XC Series Modular Platform

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Appear TV, a Oslo, Norway-based provider of next-generation video processing platforms for broadcast and IP television, will showcase its XC Series Modular Platform, supporting top transmission functions, at the 2014 Brazilian Pay TV/Telecom Association (ABTA) conference (Booth I8) in Brazil on August 5-7. On display will be modules providing multiple processes for all stages of the transmission chain, from content-aggregation and video processing to multiplexing and multiple carrier delivery.

Appear TV's modular video processing platform offers a variety of modules to customize the platform for any type of application. Any signal input from any carrier can be captured and adapted to any other signal output, with powerful video processing to any format and any device. In addition, all Appear TV modules can work with other third-party devices, making integration with existing transmission equipment seamless.

With its ability to support multiple processes from its XC 5000 Series 4RU or 1RU modular frames, Appear TV's solution also reduces space by increasing functional density, providing significant operating-cost savings.

Appear TV will show a wide range of input modules to support content aggregation. An input module analyzes incoming transport streams and extracts selected services from the desired physical multiple-input interface. Services may then be descrambled, decoded or routed to desired multiple-output or processing modules through the integrated frame backplane. The Appear TV XC5000 frame can receive signals from a variety of sources, including satellite (DVB-S/S2), terrestrial (DVB-T/T2), cable (QAM), IP networks or local ASI feeds. These can then be descrambled by CAM or software-based modules or decoded to baseband, offering a highly dense downlink and content-aggregation platform.

Also on display will be the company's encoding and transcoding modules, which are designed to provide support for all headend encoding and transcoding duties, while offering control over all inputs and outputs. This means that any format input can address any format output for any device, making operation simple and straightforward.

New for transcoding capabilities at ABTA 2014 is Appear TV's High-Channel Density, MultiFormat SD/HD & Multiscreen Universal Transcoder Module, which performs "any-to-any" format transcodes, supporting 4 full-HD, 16 SD or 28 sub-SD profiles per module, as well as associated audio channels. The modular nature of the Appear TV solution allows multiple transcoder modules to be operated from one 4RU XC5000 chassis, with the capacity to support 64 HD, up to 256 SD or more than 448 sub-SD profiles per frame.

These transcoding capabilities can be combined with Appear TV's Encoder module, which can handle up to 32 HD or 64 SD channels per 4RU chassis, offering HD-SDI/SDI with MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC encoding. Audio encoding includes MPEG-1 Layer 2 stereo, LC-AAC stereo, HE-AAC v1/2 stereo and Dolby Digital pass-through formats.

Along with these capabilities is Appear TV's self-managing N+1 redundancy solution, a pair of ultra-reliable, hardware-based, fully integrated 1+1-redundant control cards that comprehensively manage redundancy switching, without the need for third-party network managing software.