Buyer's Guide: Content Hosting & Distribution

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The development of systems for managing and distributing content continues apace. Delivering rich media to users on diverse platforms requires innovative, high-performance solutions, especially as expectations in terms of speed and reliability continue to increase. Here, we’ve assembled a guide to some of the newest solutions for getting your content to your customers, users and viewers.


Aqua Ion

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Akamai’s Aqua Ion web suite provides users with the tools needed for delivering high-quality web experiences to content end users. It’s a tightly integrated suite of delivery, acceleration and optimization technologies designed to make real-time Internet content delivery a meaningful experience, while simplifying delivery for content providers. Aqua Ion is highly available, scalable to meet peak capacity demands, and secure. It provides gain control access across communications, including connected mobile devices, overcomes the common limitations associated with delivery into mobile networks, and allows users to tailor applications to fit the consumer’s real-time environment, whether it’s desktop or mobile.


Video Cloud Live

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Brightcove Video Cloud Live is a live streaming module for the Video Cloud Studio that allows marketers and media companies to deliver high-quality live video events across desktops, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. Within a familiar Video Cloud workflow, customers manage the entire lifecycle of a live video event, access real-time analytics, monetize live content with advertising, and seamlessly create video on demand assets from live events. Publishers can use custom players to monetize their live content with pre-roll advertising, sponsorship bumpers and watermarks. Users can customize multiple bit rate renditions or use pre-configured SD/HD rendition sets to optimize playback for any viewer screen size or network conditions. Video Cloud Live leverages the Brightcove Zencoder Live Transcoding service to convert a single uplink stream from any software-based encoder into adaptive bit rate RTMP and HLS streams for web and mobile playback.


Tempo Enterprise Media Platform

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Globecomm’s Tempo Enterprise Media Platform provides organizations with secure private networks to deliver live and on-demand content over diverse network architecture to computers, tablets, smartphones, connected televisions and mobile viewing devices. The appliance works in conjunction with Tempo Enterprise Media Platform, offering solutions for media networks using corporate WAN, Internet, satellite, or any hybrid delivery combination. Tempo is built on a flexible architecture that allows the head end to reside either at the user’s facility or off-site (hosted solution). Tempo Media Core, the on-premise solution, consists of Tempo servers containing the core platform, content distribution platform, encoders, transcoders and network management system. With Tempo Media Cloud, the hosted solution, encoders reside at the user’s facility and the other elements are managed by Tempo technical staff.

Limelight Networks


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The Limelight Orchestrate Digital Presence Platform integrates the tools you need to create, build, manage and deliver digital experiences to any device, anywhere in the world. With Limelight Orchestrate v2.5, you can better engage your digital audiences by providing consistent, high-performance digital experiences across all online touch points, mobile devices and geographies. The new release (v2.5) features enhanced caching to maximize cache-hit ratios, dynamic content acceleration that provides up to eight times faster delivery of web content, and a front-end acceleration feature that further speeds operations by locating the most direct routing from origin to end user.


Enterprise Video Solutions

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MediaPlatform is an online video platform that helps organizations manage corporate- and employee-generated video content. MediaPlatform builds community and user engagement with easy video search and browsing, Microsoft SharePoint integration, video upload, video capture, annotation, sharing and more. This media management software allows users to create and customize an enterprise video portal. MediaPlatform provides a best-in-class webcasting solution that enables users to easily produce webinars with presenters in one or multiple locations and reach audiences in excess of tens of thousands of live concurrent viewers. With MediaPlatform, users can produce, broadly distribute and monitor deeply interactive live and on-demand multimedia presentations that feature streaming video, PowerPoint slides, audio, surveys, polls, screencasting and social media integration.

Onstream Media

Streaming Publisher

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Onstream Media’s video streaming, hosting and publishing platform, Streaming Publisher, provides customers with cost-effective tools for encoding, managing, indexing and publishing content to the Internet or virtually any mobile device. Once source video is uploaded to the Onstream online system, Streaming Publisher transcodes it into different formats and bit rates to ensure smooth delivery to computers and mobile devices. The system then delivers a link for automatic publishing. Streaming Publisher is part of Onstream Media’s Digital Media Services Platform (DMSP), which ingests, manages, publishes and distributes video and other multimedia assets to any web site or to several sites.


Panopto v4.5

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Panopto's all-in-one video platform provides an affordable, easy-to-use solution for recording, streaming and managing all of your organization’s video content. The video platform may be used to webcast executive communications, perform live event streaming, promote social learning or create interactive online training videos. Users enjoy the benefits of multicamera live broadcasting and recording, an enterprise-grade content management system, a web-based video editor, video ingest and transcoding, native iPad and iPhone apps, and integration with a variety of learning and content management systems. Panopto recently upgraded its video platform to version 4.5, which incorporates new security features, allows video capture with HD resolutions and simplifies video recording, editing and viewing.