And the Winners of NewBay Media’s 2014 Best of Show Awards Presented by 'Video Edge' Magazine Are ...

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There were many worthy contenders at this year’s NAB Show, but at the end of the day, speed, efficiency and the ability to streamline workflow processes for the benefit of the IP user were the driving factors in deciding the Video Edge 2014 Best of Show Awards. Winners were selected from among nominations submitted by companies that exhibited at the convention and paid an entry fee. These six stood out.

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Aspera Drive

Aspera Drive is billed as a new file sharing experience that brings together the best of Aspera faspex (v4.0), Shares and Sync technologies into a single, unified platform for file-based collaboration. The new Aspera platform allows for transfer and synchronization of file sets of any size and any number with maximum speed at any distance, with full access to the control, privacy and security of the Aspera technology, and with an innovative architecture that allows for deploying on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination of the two.


Thunderbolt Optical Cables

Corning’s Thunderbolt optical cables, which are up to 80 percent lighter and 50 percent thinner than traditional copper cabling, are capable of delivering 20 Gb/s bidirectional data throughout (when used with a Thunderbolt 2 host and Thunderbolt 2 devices) at up to 200 feet ... while tied in a knot. Even if it is bent, squeezed or tangled, the fiber cable will perform at Thunderbolt speeds. Corning’s ClearCurve VSDN optical fiber cables are hot swappable, electrically isolated (reducing noise) and can carry data and video on a single cable.

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DataDirect Networks

Web Object Scaler (WOS)

The promise of object storage is simple: to enable organizations to build reliable, infinitely scalable, cost-efficient storage pools for all their unstructured data needs. But those needs can vary a lot depending on data types, sizes, protection requirements and applications. Think of scale-out web environments where users will store a mix of media files. In these environments, it is very difficult to predict data types and sizes, data locality and consumption patterns. At the other end of the unstructured data spectrum, there are active archive applications where performance and data locality requirements are somewhat less important, but where efficiency and resiliency are critical.

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WOS is a comprehensive object storage solution purpose-built for unstructured data needs. WOS offers multiple user configuration settings to make it an ideal solution for applications ranging from web origins and collaborative workflows to content delivery and active archives. DDN has analyzed contemporary storage requirements and delivers a flexible platform that has sophisticated tuning options that enable users to give priority to the requirements that are most important for their data and applications, in every dimension.

Elemental Technologies

Elemental Cloud 2.0

Elemental Cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that securely manages high-volume live and on-demand video solutions in combination with the scale and elasticity of the cloud. The service automatically provisions and dynamically scales virtual Elemental instances, and can seamlessly integrate those resources with on-site infrastructure to expand video processing capacity. This flexibility enables video providers to rapidly enhance multiscreen video offerings, grow audiences, generate greater revenues and decrease capital expenses. Acting like a virtual operations manager, Elemental Cloud lets providers buy just the right amount of hardware to fulfill regular processing requirements, while leveraging cloud resources to scale up and keep pace with variable demand.

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Envivio Muse 4K Ultra HD HEVC (H.265) Encoder

The Envivio Muse 4K Ultra HD HEVC (H.265) encoder takes a new multiprocessor software approach for real-time 4K Ultra HD compression using Envivio Muse encoding software. By distributing HEVC encoding across multiple server nodes, this architecture is designed to perform high-quality Ultra HD compression on industry-standard servers. For customers, the approach should enable seamless migration to HEVC and cost-effective, scalable deployment of new channels or services in the data center and cloud. Envivio Muse 4K Ultra HD HEVC is designed to support high-quality video delivery to Ultra HD-capable devices, including the new generation of UHDTV screens now being adopted by consumers.

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Vislink Broadcast

Vislink AirCam Max

This hybrid multi-mode wireless camera transmitter takes the power of a news van and puts it in a portable, camera-mounted unit. From the moment users arrive on the scene, the unit can begin transmitting via cellular networks. In heavily congested environments, the unit seamlessly switches to microwave transmission to ensure the studio receives uninterrupted, broadcast-quality video throughout the event. AirCam Max features licensed broadcast microwave in the 2.0-2.7 GHz or 6.4-7.1 GHz bands and 3G/4G LTE cellular broadband compatibility via H.264 adaptive bit rate encoding technology. Data throughput is maximized in software to produce uninterrupted high-quality HD video with minimal latency.

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AIPAC Speakers Double Miked by Point Source Audio

Point Source Audio’s CO2 Confidence headsets played a large primary—and a critical secondary—role for double mic’ing at the 2019 AIPAC Policy Conference held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC.