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Starz Launches Immersive ‘Outlander’ Second Screen Content Ahead of Premiere

Starz’s upcoming series Outlander, based on Diana Gabaldon’s beloved and bestselling book series, is looking to be a huge social hit. Ahead of its August 9th premiere, the show’s dedicated social site ( and social media handles are already amassing followers and fan-created content.

Says Starz executive director for digital marketing, Erin Dwyer, to Lost Remote, “From the beginning of this process our strategy has focused around the fan base, and bringing them along for the ride, as we turned their book into a new Starz Original Series. We believe fueling and befriending the fans will lead to more spill over into new audiences who start to ask ‘What is this Outlander Show everyone is talking about?’  One of the really unique elements to this amazing community is that the fans have been heavily engaged with content about the show from the beginning. The book is most definitely a pivotal piece for the fans, but they are highly involved and curious with how it will come to life in the Starz series. We have engaged them every step of the way from the casting of Jamie with Sam Heughan to Twitter chats with our Gaelic coach and a video series (How to Speak Outlander) helping fans know the real pronunciation of the words they’ve read so they know how the dialect will sound on the show.”

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