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1 Beyond Introduces QuadArchiver LTO Archiving Solution

Quad legacy tape archiving shows workflow improvement up to 87%

BOSTON—1 Beyond, Inc. presents the 1 Beyond QuadArchiver, which is intended for use in organizations that have hundreds or thousands of legacy tapes or disks that need to be converted to LTO tape for a long-term solution.

The QuadArchiver features the ability to ingest four SDI inputs simultaneously, each with individual tape deck control, all while recording a hi-resolution and proxy file for each input, saving time transcoding proxy files. While the QuadArchiver is ingesting the tapes, the user has the ability to add metadata to an asset management database to keep files organized for easy access later on. All of these features reduce the amount of man-hours required to convert legacy tapes to LTO tape by as much as 87 percent.

Traditional legacy tapes only hold around 30 to 60 minutes of footage, while external hard drives can become unreliable and expensive; in contrast, LTO tape can typically hold 50-100 hours of footage on a single tape, and with no moving parts has an estimated shelf life of 30 years. With the Linear Tape File System, the operator has direct access to files on the LTO tape and the guarantee of forward compatibility. The cost of a single LTO tape is roughly one third of the cost of a traditional external hard drive and one sixtieth the cost of a traditional Storage Area Network.

The QuadArchiver includes recording and preservation legacy tapes on long life LTO tape in 1/6 the time one-operator control of several decks simultaneously, and each deck independently. Operators can jog shuttle or intuitive VTR controls to position the tape and mark in and out points. There is also a display area for input video with VCR controls under each video monitor, and record time codes are displayed along with a record progress bar.