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Top Ten Lessons Taken From the World’s Best Editors

In the below video from This Guy Edits, Steven Hullfish discusses the top ten lessons he’s taken away from interviewing top film editors like Joe Walker (12 Years a Slave), Tom Cross (Whiplash), Kelley Dixon (Breaking Bad), John Refoua (Avatar), Jeffrey Ford (The Avengers), and more.

“An edit is a lie,” says Hullfish, citing famed Star Wars editor Paul Hirsch, who said, “When you shoot the film, that’s the truth. When you edit the film, that’s the lie.”

In explaining the power of having a long take, Hullfish explains, “Sometimes you have to [cut] because that’s the most powerful thing you can do is the lie. But if the most powerful thing you can do is to tell the truth, just sit on that edit, just let it go.”

Watch below.