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How Historical Research Put a Big Stamp on the Look of ‘Chernobyl’

From ‘Chernobyl.’ Photo by Liam Daniel/HBO.

In the below video from Indy Mogul, Chernobyl cinematographer Jakob Ihre does a cinematography breakdown explaining how he achieved the look of the lauded HBO show.

“There was so much research. Our production designer Luke Hull did so much research,” Ihre explains of creating the ’80s-set show. “And, of course, cinematography is often based on great production design and historical research. This is a small, little detail, but I found they didn’t have any frosted bulbs in the lamps; it was all clear glass bulbs. Because of that, the light was often hard. They had fluorescent tubes, even in the living room ceilings, so the mixture of fluorescents and hard lighting practicals, that historical fact put a big stamp on the look.”

Watch below.