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Zoic Studios Helps Make American Idol Promo Larger Than Life


Los Angeles, CA – (January 30, 2008) — Fox recently tapped

Zoic Studios

and the company’s creative acumen to produce a high-energy promo for the pop culture phenomenon American Idol that seamlessly combines live action, stock footage and visual effects. With VFX Supervision by Zoic Studios Creative Director Andrew Orloff, “Big People� is a pure expression of American Idol, with larger-than-life competitors performing in the heart of various American locations, giving it their all from dawn to dusk.

To execute the promo, Zoic shot performers on its green screen stage and united these shots with heavily manipulated stock footage so that the people would appear to tower above wheat fields, and sing in and amongst skyscrapers. This process involved meticulous tracking and lighting matches, animated transitions and the use of the magic bullet to provide a film-like finish to a wide collection of stock types. The result is a promo that speaks to the show’s true fans for whom the day begins and ends with the drama and entertainment of American Idol.

“This was an exciting project for Zoic Studios because we were involved with every aspect of the production and really partnered with the Special Ops team at Fox to create something to get audiences geared up,� says Andrew Orloff.

Client: Fox Broadcasting Corporation/American Idol
Air Date: January 2008
Title: American Idol “Big People�
Length: 1 x :30

Advertising Agency: Fox Broadcasting Corporation/Special Ops, Los Angeles, CA
SVP, Design: Michael Vamosy
SVP On-Air Promotion: Brian Dollenmayer
SVP On-Air Operations: Steve Weinheimer
Creative Director On-Air Promo: Sam Williams
VP Branding: Dean Norris
Director of Content: Golareh Safarian

Production Company: Zoic Studios
Director: Murphy Gilson
VFX Supervisor: Andrew Orloff
DP: Barry Walton
Executive Producer: Gina Fiore
Producer: J. Rogers Marquess

Editorial Company: Zoic Studios
Editor: Dmitri Gueer
Executive Producer: Gina Fiore
Producer: Barbara Genicoff
Visual Effects: Zoic Studios
Creative Director: Andrew Orloff
Lead Compositor: Steve Meyer
Compositors: Dayna Mauer, Philip Broste, Diana Hinek, Sarah Grossmann
CG: Lee Carlton