Zoic Studios Adds Visual Effects Flair to New Sprint Sponsored “Heroes� Webisodes

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Rapt viewers who crave even more Heroes intrigue now have their wish granted via a just-launched online micro series featuring the newest hero Santiago:


. Exclusively presented by Sprint, the Create Your Own Hero competition put viewers in charge of selecting the next great hero. Over a million people participated by choosing attributes for a male and female character and then voting for the winning hero. This collective passion was translated into a narrative micro series called Heroes/Destiny by a select team that includes director Eagle Egilsson and Moving Parts along with visual effects production company

Zoic Studios


Santiago is an ordinary young man living in Lima, Peru. Soccer is his passion, and he leads a simple life. Recently, he feels surrounded by a suffocating pressure to find purpose in his life. Influenced by his Catholic faith, his mother, and his friends, Santiago has been searching for his destiny. When he discovers his extraordinary gifts of Accelerated Probability and Super Speed, things begin to become clear. He realizes he is no longer helpless, and that he can control his own destiny. But with power comes great responsibility and now, Santiago must make a choice. Will he use his newfound ability for good or for evil? To find the answer, audiences have to visit the website as the dramatic conclusion with the final chapter on December 1st. Client: Sprint/NBC Titles/Launch Dates: Ep 1: Let Us Pray - 11/10 Ep 2: Intervention - 11/17 Ep 3: Capture - 11/24 Ep 4: Escape - 12/1 Production Company: Moving Parts, Inc. Executive Producers: Chad Cooperman & Matt Van Buren Director: Eagle Egilsson Visual Effects: Zoic Studios: EP: Gina Fiore VFX Supervisor: Andrew Orloff Producer: Scott Tinter Coordinator: Amol Parulekar CG Artists: Kim Guedin, Chris Strauss and Lochlon Johnston Compositors: Levi Ahmu, Fernando Zorrillia, Michael Dobbs, Philip Broste, Chris Irving, Eric McAvoy, Josh Bolin, Andrea Hernandez, Chris Olivas and Jeff Pate