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YUVsoft Teams Up with Industry Renown NUKE Expert Steve Wright to Develop In-Depth Tutorial Series for 2D to 3D Suite

Telly Award Winning Master Trainer Steve Wright to Develop Series of In-Depth, Practical, Workflow Themed Tutorials Teaching Tips and Techniques for 

High Quality, Streamlined Stereo 3D Conversion 

Moscow, Russia (January 16, 2013)

— YUVsoft Corp. (

), developers of 2D-to-stereo 3D conversion software solutions, today announced it has teamed up with renowned industry veteran and Telly Award winning master trainer, Steve Wright. As a result of this initiative, Steve Wright is working with YUVsoft to develop in-depth, workflow themed tutorials designed to provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of the techniques to master stereo conversion workflows using the Company’s flagship 2D to 3D Suite.


The first tutorial created is available today online at

and focuses on defining, and explaining the basic concepts, capabilities and possibilities enabled by YUVsoft’s 2D to 3D Suite. Additional tutorials are in development and their availability will be announced upon release.


“YUVsoft’s 2D to 3D suite represents a brilliant integration of automation with easy access for artist intervention only and exactly where needed. It also offers a wide range of quality all the way from high end feature film down to standard definition video with a linear labor cost,” said Steve Wright. “The truly big issue with stereo conversion is the massive amount of labor required.  YUVsoft tools provide a major solution to this by offering the highest quality stereo conversion with the least amount of labor possible. The YUVsoft plug-in set is so beautifully integrated into NUKE, you can add their nodes like any other NUKE node, and can mix Nuke operations with YUVsoft operations seamlessly.”


About YUVsoft’s 2D to 2D Suite

YUVsoft 2D to 3D Suite is a family of stereo 3D conversion plug-in software tools designed to support the conversion workflow in Adobe After Effects and The Foundry NUKE environment. The 2D to 3D Suite includes tools for fast, near-automatic construction of plausible depth maps, background creation, depth map editing and high-quality stereo generation. It also includes YUVsoft’s Stereo Generator Suite – a complete toolset for high quality stereo generation, with specialized tools for fuzzy boundary processing and background reconstruction.


The Stereo Generator Suite is included with the 2D to 3D Suite, or is available as a stand alone product.





Key features of the 2D to 3D Suite include:


  • Semiautomatic and nearly automatic generation of realistic depth maps using a variety of approaches;
  • Ability to propagate depth from key frames—using just a few hand-painted or automatically generated depth maps. The software calculates depth maps for an entire scene by:
  • Generating background depth for ultra-high-quality conversions of blockbuster theatrical releases
  • Propagating edits throughout a scene
  • Depth map refinement tools:
  • Control the detail level and border accuracy of the depth map
  • Add realistic details to hand-painted depth maps, thus avoiding the cardboard effect
  • High-quality stereo generator:
  • Fully automatic stereo generation from 2D+Depth
  • Special attention to accurate processing of transparent, fuzzy edges


For more information, or to purchase the 2D to 3D Suite, please visit




About Steve Wright

Steve Wright is a Senior Compositor, 2D Technical Director and a senior industry veteran in visual effects compositing with over 20 years of production experience. He has over 70 film credits such as

Night at the Museum 2


Shutter Island


Solaris, Traffic, U-571, Air Force One, Hart’s War

and many, many more and has also created the visual effects for 70 broadcast television commercials. Steve is now a master trainer traveling around the world conducting VFX compositing training for major visual effects studios using Nuke and Shake, and has won two ‘Telly Awards’ for his Nuke tutorials.  He also produces training programs and conducts classes and workshops both on-line and location based. He has published two books on this fascinating subject (available on and his Nuke and Shake training videos are available on He is a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) and the Digital Cinema Society (DCS).

About YUVsoft

Founded in 2006, YUVsoft develops 2D-to-stereo 3D conversion and post production software solutions for feature film and television production studios worldwide. We provide powerful, sophisticated software that significantly accelerates the complex 2D-to-stereo-3D conversion workflow, with tools for automating and simplifying depth map creation, processing and high quality stereo generation. The company also has broad expertise in stereo video processing, video quality estimation, including stereoscopic, multiview and 2D+Depth video, and in 2D video processing for quality enhancement, compression and analysis. For more information, please visit