Yorba Linda Friends Church Installs FOR-A HANABI HVS-3800S Production Switcher

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YORBA LINDA, CA, October 26, 2006 - The HANABI HVS-3800S 2M/E SD digital video switcher, manufactured by FOR-A Corporation of America, was recently installed at the Yorba Linda Friends Church, an Evangelical Christian Friends denomination, in Yorba Linda, CA. After years of exponential growth, Yorba Linda Friends Church moved its congregation to a new 2800-seat worship center that leverages an array of broadcast-quality video equipment to produce an impressive multimedia presentation during the Church‘s worship services.

“The FOR-A HANABI HVS-3800S switcher was chosen because it offered the best price-performance while meeting all of our technical requirements,” said Jeff Polen, technical coordinator at Yorba Linda Friends Church. “After careful consideration of competitive brand switchers, the FOR-A switcher was chosen primarily because it was a 2M/E switcher that included 10 integrated, auxiliary outputs for sophisticated routing of signals to feed every part of our multimedia staging and closed circuit TV operation.” The HVS-3800S also includes native 16:9 support, an integrated still store, and Digital Video Effects (DVE) capabilities, among its standard features.

“Since our new worship center has a fairly large interior, our goal is to enable everyone to see our pastor, our live band (including guitars, drums, percussion, bass and piano), song lyrics scrolling on monitors, the emotions on people‘s faces, and every aspect of our worship services,” continued Polen. To achieve this, imagery is captured by five handheld digital video cameras and switched live using the new FOR-A HANABI HVS-3800S switcher.

“The switcher‘s 2M/E‘s are critical to our ability to feed one 16:9 video program to our two rear-projected flat screens on the sides of the stage; and an alternate 16:9 video program to our front-projected 30x20 foot screen that stands center stage,” Polen said. “Our ability to deliver two different video programs, complete with fades, dissolves, and effects, results in greater visual impact and a more captivating presentation.” Occasionally, for weekend services, a fourth large screen is mounted below the center screen and its content can mirror the display on the two side screens.

The content on the screens also supports the worship service by displaying song lyrics and text that reinforces the sermon‘s key points. The FOR-A switcher controls an Inscriber CG Extreme character generator which provides powerful text generation.

The FOR-A HANABI HVS-3800S digital video switcher was purchased as a replacement for a single M/E switcher. Another reason for selecting the HANABI switcher was that it has 10 auxiliary outputs integrated within the system and the option to add six or eight more.

These auxiliary outputs enable Yorba Linda Friends Church to distribute video signals throughout its premises, including the coffee shop, the bookstore, monitors in the hallways and classrooms, and even the “Cry Room” where parents can take crying babies. Also, on a video on demand basis, people can access video of the worship services via the Church‘s website:


. Yorba Linda Friends Church does not televise its services outside of its facility--preferring instead to foster a close-knit community that must come to the Church to attend services.

“Having video monitors throughout our new building enables people to observe the service from wherever they are, and this is all made possible by the switcher‘s indispensable ‘auxiliaries.‘ Being able to use those auxiliaries without the use of any outboard routing gear is really great. It‘s very easy to designate which signal needs to be fed to which output,” said Polen.

Describing the Church‘s services as “contemporary worship,” Polen said that every aspect of the multimedia staging adheres to the highest production standards. They use a GrandMA theatrical lighting console from MA Lighting, as well as a Yamaha PM1D 96-channel digital audio console for front-of-house audio mixing; and the studio production control room, which houses the FOR-A production switcher, has a wall of program and preview monitors.

“In our Church‘s 100-year history, we‘ve occupied three different locations. In our last location, we were limited to overhead projectors, and PowerPoint slides. Now that our congregation has experienced the caliber of multimedia that‘s been installed at this new location, they really appreciate it, and there‘s no going back.”

FOR-A Corporation of America is a major manufacturer and distributor of video and audio systems to the broadcast, postproduction, and professional video markets. For more information about FOR-A‘s product line, call (714) 894-3311 or visit our web site at





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