XL Video Supplies Outdoor Video Solution for UK ‘Days of Ukraine’ 2013

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The Firtash Foundation – a Ukrainian foundation promoting Ukrainian arts recently held the Days of Ukraine festival across three days in London, UK.

The culmination of the events was a family festival of music, dance, food and handcraft demonstrations held in Potters Field Park, next to the iconic Tower Bridge. XL Video, working for producers, EventPM Ltd, supplied LED screen and camera system for the festival. The 15 square metre LED screen needed to be suitable for outdoor use and possible inclement weather and be lightweight for rigging from a small truss. For this purpose XL’s Project Manager, Mark Rooney, specified Pixled FX-11 LED. The screens on the main stage showed a combination of pre-recorded content and IMAG footage from XL’s camera system. XL Video supplied 5 Sony HD cameras – 4 HXC-100s and an HDC-P1 on a remote 10 metre track which covered the entertainment on the main stage from all angles. The Panasonic PPU controlled the full TX mix from the cameras as well as the ISO records from each channel on to AJA KiPro recorders. XL’s crew for the event were Toby Vogel, John Browne, Sandro Bruni, Swavek, Sam Brown, Barry Minter, Gary Burchett and Rob Smith. Mark Rooney commented, “It was a pleasure to work with EventPM on this show. As the show was in a public area of London, there were numerous challenges in getting the show set up, but our crew ensured that everything was managed well, and the view over Tower Bridge was a stunning backdrop for the event!”