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WOW & FLUTTER Opens "Stage A" and works on "Desperate Housewives"

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Santa Monica, CA, October 6, 2006 - Currently celebrating its 10 year anniversary, Wow and Flutter West, one of the most respected and award winning original music, sound design and audio post production companies in Los Angeles, has announced a significant company restructuring and expansion, along with details about its latest high profile television projects. Jerry Brunskill, founder, Wow and Flutter West, made the announcement.

Brunskill revealed that Wow and Flutter West will now be comprised of three distinct operating units. They are Gerald Brunskill Music (GBM,) which provides clients with original music composition, scoring and production, Wow and Flutter Post, which provides the full gamut of audio post production services to television and feature film clients, and Rellim Reeb Studios, which develops original content for film and television. Rellim Reeb currently has two original programs, “Live from Hollywood, It‘s God!” and “Cheating Hearts,” in development.

Additionally, Brunskill has detailed Wow and Flutter West‘s facility expansion. The company, which is located in a showcase, 8,000 square foot space in the heart of the entertainment and media district of Santa Monica, CA, has opened “Stage A,” a 10,000 cubic foot mixing theater. (See more details about “Stage A” below.)

Brunskill said, “I‘m stoked! I‘ve been composing music for film and TV for over ten years now, and it‘s long been a dream of mine to be more intricately involved in all facets of content and post-production. With the introduction of our new ‘Stage A,‘ we are now one of the premiere film and television re-recording studios on the Westside of Los Angeles and stand equal to those offered by Sony and Todd AO. We expanded our Santa Monica location to help us better serve our multiple clients that reside on the Westside of Los Angeles.”

He adds, “We have grown into a company that blends both original creative services along with the full range of technical and post production services. Our business model avails our talent and facilities to all producers and distributors of content. The film and television industry is going through major changes as did the record industry in the 1990‘s. We stand ready to bridge the gap between traditional Hollywood artists and up-and-coming filmmakers, instructing both groups as to the new possibilities offered by the digital universe. What is really exciting to me is that we now have the ability to align ourselves solely with projects that we enjoy and believe in. We‘re not just about making money. We‘re making a living and living the dream... and how cool is that?!”


GBM and Wow and Flutter Post have just completed work on three high profile television programs. For “Desperate Housewives,” the company was retained by ABC Television to produce a new take on the Kinks‘ classic “You Really Got Me,” for a 60-second music video-type promo serving as the show‘s season premiere teaser. Wow and Flutter produced this music in theatrical surround sound, and in the HD format, marking the company‘s first HD project.

Regarding Wow and Flutter‘s work for “Desperate Housewives,” Mike Benson, Senior Vice President, Marketing, for ABC Television, said, Jerry Brunskill and his team have set up a really first class facility, a very comfortable space with a great atmosphere to work. He and his team bring much more to a project than just the mix. They bring truly unique creative skills and a point of view. Our ‘Desperate Housewives‘ video was a lot of Jerry, and it really stood out. We go to him because he brings a lot of creativity that we can always count on.”

The company was again retained by ABC to provide the mix for the one hour, third season launch of “Grey‘s Anatomy,” again working in HD. Wow and Flutter‘s client for this project was Betsy Beers, executive producer of the show.

And for the newly launched, first-run syndicated talk series “The Rachel Ray Show,” GBM and Wow and Flutter Post wrote and produced the program‘s theme music and its audio post for clients King World Television and Harpo Productions.


Stage A is Wow and Flutter West's new, large format film and television

mixing theater which has been designed to service the rapidly expanding

market for independent feature filmmakers, as well as mainstream film

and television projects. The room features a custom, two operator, dual

HD 3 Digidesign systems with dual integrated ICON consoles, a 5,500 watt

THX spec JBL Cinema Array system featuring QSC digital cinema

amplifiers, a 17-foot diagonal Stewart film screen, an Eiki 6,000 lumen high definition projection system, a Martinsound Multimax EX custom monitoring controller, Virtual VTR and Kona HD picture playback interfaces, and command seating for 15-30.

Stage A‘s system is capable of playing back upwards of 400 tracks simultaneously and can accommodate all formats up to and including IMAX. The stage is also available for rental for private screenings.

Regarding the new mixing theater, Jeffrey Perkins, Academy Award winning Sound Mixer Jeffrey Perkins, said, “Stage A is quite simply a really great sounding room, and provides a first class experience. Also, the fact that it‘s located in Santa Monica is a huge plus for all of the directors who live on the Westside.”


Founded in l996 by multi-Emmy Award winning composer Gerald Brunskill, Wow and Flutter West is a leading music, sound design and audio production and post-production company based in the heart of the media district of Santa Monica, CA. The company‘s operating units are Gerald Brunskill Music (GBM,) Wow and Flutter Post, and Rellim Reeb Productions.

Headquartered in an 8,000 square foot showplace on the prestigious Westside of Los Angeles, Wow and Flutter counts among its clients many of the entertainment industry‘s most successful and prominent television programs, TV networks and production companies, and mainstream and independent filmmakers. The company offers clients use of its new mixing theater, “Stage A,” as well as a state of the art ADR and Foley stage, an ultra chic 5.1 surround sound home theater mixing room, and various music and editing suites, along with a centralized machine room.

Historically, Wow and Flutter West‘s clients have included ABC Television, CBS Television, NBC Television, FOX Television, Paramount Television, MGM Television, A&E, IFC, Voom, E!, Touchstone Pictures, MGM Pictures, New Line Cinema, Samuel Goldwyn Company, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros Pictures, King World Television and Harpo Productions, among many others.

The company, with interior design in the classic Santa Monica architecture-style of exposed, original brick walls and polished concrete flooring, is located at 1533-26th Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90404. The phone is 310/264-6100 and the web is




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