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World Resource Manager Launches and WoRM Pushes Through

Startup Builds Killer App to Capture User Generated Video Content with Video Processing and Powerful Data Management

(Las Vegas, NV)

World Resource Manager

opened its doors today, launched in the emerging technology community in Las Vegas. Industry Veterans Mary Yurkovic and Christy King, both experts who have real world experience in implementing Digital Asset Management, security and huge quantities of video content, lead the company launch. The women, whose careers highlights include Playboy(r) and UFC(r), are well known experts in the sports, entertainment and digital asset management communities.

World Resource Manager allows brand fans, attendees, partners and employees to capture video content through a simple App. Then, each video is automatically encoded, tagged, organized and stored in a secure Cloud location. This process enables content editors to quickly find and review video before it is pushed out to social media platforms, edit platforms, or asset management systems, making the content relevant to the moment as well as valuable for future use.

The tool collects valuable information about the video captured, including time, date, location, content creator, and more, all vital elements in identifying and managing video content. These data points are crucial to tighten the link between brand owner’s “Big Data” marketing observations, finding relevant video content quickly, and taking immediate action.

Christy King, CTO, reveals, “The innovations taking place in Cloud computing make it possible for us to create tools that allow marketers to react to trends using the most powerful content in social media – video content.”

World Resource Manager is seeking heavy users of video and social media to participate in pilot projects with WoRM. The pilot projects aim to achieve 5 key breakthroughs:

1. Radically simple ease-of-use for content captures. The app can be installed on any mobile or handheld device. Smart phone users can easily shoot quick clips, and the app takes care of the upload and metadata tagging process. The files are automatically encoded and upload to secure cloud storage owned by the brand.

2. Relevant content is easy to see. Once the content is delivered to cloud storage, brand representatives can quickly and easily review and establish priorities. Relevant content is easy to see because detailed information about the content is automatically captured and associated with each video, cutting “search” time down drastically.

3. Get video content distribution to scale. Because the app is using cutting edge cloud processes to upload, tag, encode and store video, every step of the process is infinitely scalable, and thus an exceptionally efficient cost.

4. Allowing for video contributions from your fans and employees anywhere will provide your organization with a wealth of new content, encourage deeper engagement at your events and extend your fan bases. Content that you own and have total control over.

5. The end result of using WoRM’s tools is a greatly improved ability to make social media a more effective marketing tool for your brand.

Mary Yurkovic, partner in World Resource Manager, noted, “Christy and I have been in the trenches of content creation and digital asset management for many years. We have seen firsthand the need for this kind of app, and have thought how we would use something like this in our own endeavors. WoRM tools are technologically powerful, but easy to use. We believe that the tools will usher in a new era of content value to a variety of companies, groups, and organizations.”

For information about World Resource Manager, WoRM, or to explore how your company or organization might join the pilot program, visit

or call 702-445-6313.

About World Resource Manager

World Resource Manager is a Las Vegas-based company aiming to bring a mobile video App to Organizations that will allow them to extend video content capture capabilities while remaining in control of the content. Its core team, Christy King, Todd Walker, Mary Yurkovic, Lora Dircz and Gabe Smallman, have extensive experience in the fields of media asset management, digital asset management, creative applications, marketing and technical customer service.

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