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WORLD FAMOUS Explores the Lighter Side of Air Travel with Alaska Airlines

Alan Nay Edits Two Spots for Wongdoody’s “North of Expected” Campaign

SEATTLE-World Famous provided creative editorial services for a new campaign for Alaska Airlines that shows how the carrier’s “North of Expected” customer service provides the antidote to the pitfalls of modern travel. In the first of two spots conceived by Seattle agency WONGDOODY, a man in an airport departure terminal is appalled to find that a boorish and overly chatty fellow traveler is slated to be his seat-mate. He’s rescued by an Alaska Airlines ticket agent who finds him a “quieter” seat farther up on the plane.

The loud-mouthed traveler’s dialogue was mostly improvised on set between WONGDOODY copywriter Glenn Rockowitz and the actor cast in the role, and that left World Famous editor Alan Nay with an embarrassment of riches. “There were hours of off-the-cuff one-liners, a lot of it very funny, and the challenge was to find the right pieces in the right combination,” he says. “There were literally hundreds of funny lines that could have gone in, but without the right rhythm the edit would fall flat.”
Nay’s contribution was to form the improvised monologue into a perfectly paced narrative arc with a nice finishing punch to leave viewers laughing.

The second spot focuses on newfangled technology that is supposed to make life easier, but often doesn’t. A man in an airport bathroom struggles to wash his hands as a sink and towel dispenser, equipped with motion sensors, refuse to work. Ultimately, the defeated man is forced to use the seat of his pants as a makeshift towel. Again, his day gets a whole lot better when he arrives at his Alaska Airlines gate where technology and customer service function just as they should.
In this instance, Nay composed the story without the benefit of dialogue.
“It’s funny because everyone can relate to that guy and the frustrations of travel,” Nay observes. “We created a great balance between the subtle humor of the situation and the physical comedy that the actor brought to the scene. It was great footage, a great script and a great experience.”
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Client: Alaska Airlines
Campaign: North of Expected
Titles: “Chatter” & “Sensor”
Agency: WONGDOODY, Seatte. Tracy Wong, Executive Creative Director; John Schofield, Creative Director; Jason Fong and Mark Watson, Art Directors; George Mollas and Glenn Rockowitz, Copywriters; Dax Estorninos, Producerl Kari Connor, Account Director; Megan Eulberg, Account Supervisor.
Production: Incubator. Oliver Fuselier, Executive Producer; Tom De Cerchio, Director.
Editorial: World Famous, Seattle. Alan Nay, Editor.
Audio: Clatter & Din. John Buroker, audio engineer.