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Studio City, California (May 6, 2008) – William Shatner is currently working diligently at Studio City, California based Media City Sound, recording the “books on tape� audio track for his upcoming autobiography entitled

Up Till Now

. One of Hollywood’s most recognizable and honored actors, Mr. Shatner’s hectic acting schedule is further augmented by his equally busy schedule spawned by his stellar reputation as one of the most in-demand voice over talents. With a voice recognized by millions worldwide, his has become the voice of authority indelibly etched on the consciousness of our culture. Mr. Shatner noted, "Media City Sound is the best place in town to record. If I'm not recording, that means I'm not at MCS." In addition to his extremely popular and visible Priceline.com advertisements, Mr. Shatner’s body of work in the world of voice-overs recorded at Media City Sound includes: Gotta Catch Santa, The Atomic Betty Christmas Special, How William Shatner Changed the World, Numerous PSA’s, “Restless, Restless� for Howard Stern and Invasion Iowa, in addition to work for the Star Trek game and exhibit touring the country. Media City Sound’s Lisa Blackwood Hope says, “Basically if you hear William’s distinctive voice promoting something anywhere in the world he most likely recorded here at MCS. We’re very proud to have him here at Media City Sound working on his autobiography� More on Media City Sound: Media City Sound is a full service audio post production facility located in Studio City, CA offering all aspects of audio post including 5.1 and stereo mixing, sound effects editorial, voice-over recording, ADR / FOLEY, sound design and ISDN and AC3 encoding for DVD. The company features four mix studios and four edit bays equipped with voice-over booths and ProTools work stations. Media City Sound is able to layback to Digibeta, D5, Beta SP, 3/4", 1/2", CD or DAT. Each room has ISDN lines that digitally connect our studio to any studio in the world for the purpose of voice-overs and audio transfers. Media City is currently posting projects for NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, MTV, A&E, Lifetime, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, The History Channel, The Disney Channel, The Learning Channel and many others. A sister company, ALAN ETT MUSIC GROUP, is a full service music production company. Located in the same facility, together MC Sound and AEMG provide a one stop full service audio post facility. The company is also related to the OPUS 1 MUSIC which provides music for film, television and multimedia projects. Media City Sound is a member of the ALAN ETT CREATIVE GROUP. See more at


# # # # Pictured, L. to R. are: Alan Ett, Shatner, Scott Liggett and Lisa Blackwood Hope