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Wild Eyes Productions Expands on a Budget by Effortlessly Integrating 96TBs of Archion Synergy Storage into Avid Unity MediaNetwork

— Move into Stereoscopic 3D Production Creates Twice the Data Storage Needs —

Burbank, CA (June 14, 2011) – Noted for going into some of the world’s most dangerous places and coming back alive while also pushing the frontiers of digital workflow, Wild Eyes Productions has recently added 96 Terabytes (TB) of

Archion Technology

’s Synergy shared storage solution to its Avid Unity MediaNetwork™. Wild Eyes’ significant track record in television, documentary and docu-reality filmmaking balances military documentaries like “Inside Al-Qaeda” and “Inside the Taliban” for National Geographic with reality TV series like “The Squad: Prison Police” for the A&E Network.

As they move into stereoscopic 3D production, Wild Eyes has been utilizing the 96TB Synergy system to handle increasing amounts of High-Definition (HD) and 3D content, noted Conor Morris, Post Production Supervisor at Wild Eyes. Synergy provides the scalability and protection for their Unity Media Engine without compromising workflow and performance.

“Simply put, Archion’s Synergy has proven to be a lifesaver for us,” said Morris. “Like most facilities, our biggest obstacles have always been ‘how do we expand on a budget’ and ‘how do we tie it into the existing workflow.’ Synergy was much more cost-effective than Avid, and it runs off of the same Unity interface and we didn’t need a new rack or new wiring to fit it into our system – and it worked flawless right out of the box.”

According to Morris, Wild Eyes was not willing to compromise their media and therefore choose to protect it all with Archion’s Synergy solution. Of their 96TB of Synergy storage, 72TB are fully protected and usable. If they went with Avid storage, he noted, they would have been limited to only 64TB. Synergy can actually scale to a full 128TB of usable protected storage.

Morris was also very impressed by Archion’s customer support, which started even before he purchased the Synergy shared storage solution.

“I really liked the Archion people because they made me feel comfortable right from the start,” said Morris. “They walked me through the entire process – what I could expect if I purchased the Synergy box, how the equipment would operate – and really took time to explain everything to my complete satisfaction. That really impressed me.”

“Archion’s Synergy is the highest capacity storage available for the Unity MediaNetwork,” said Zeke Margolis of Key Code Media, Archion’s reseller based in Burbank, CA. “The massive amount of storage needed for 3D television production – twice as much, in fact — required Wild Eyes to add 96TB of Synergy storage to their Unity in less than 90 days. This would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more if they went with any other option. Not only did Archion save our client money, but the product has performed flawlessly.”

“We are delighted that Wild Eyes saw the advantages of incorporating Synergy into their Avid Unity workflow and are enjoying the benefits of the significantly greater scalability and RAID 5 protection,” said Daniel Stern, Archion’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We want facilities such as Wild Eyes to know that there is a compelling alternative to adding Avid storage or completely moving to a different SAN. Archion provides investment protection now and in the future.”

The Synergy Line

Archion’s line of RAID storage for Avid’s Unity MediaNetwork and Media Engine platforms has been proven with thousands of clients worldwide. The Synergy UXE and new Synergy XTR extend the Synergy’s abilities to a full 800 MB/second and increase its capacity to an amazing 32TBs in a single chassis for Unity Media Engine (5.x). It is also certified for use with Unity MediaNetworks (v3.5 – 4.2x) and is fully compatible with other Archion-certified Unity add-on storage systems.

Synergy storage systems deliver 8-, 16- or 32 TB of storage in a compact three-rack unit design with a 16-drive chassis. With its built-in, highly intelligent hardware RAID controller to manage storage more efficiently, the Synergy UXE and Synergy XTR automatically rebuild a faulty drive so that the rest of the network is unaffected by the drive failure.

With the award-winning and patent-pending Vdisk™ technology, Archion ensures compatibility between versions and that operation is transparent to the Unity system. The Synergy UXE and Synergy XTR RAID controllers manage the disk drives, RAID sets and Vdisks in a more efficient manner, requiring far fewer drives than Avid storage subsystems to deliver higher capacities and resolutions.

About Wild Eyes Productions

Wild Eyes specializes in the production of documentary, feature film and television programming with the goal of exploring unique perspectives — in America’s backyard, overseas or on the front lines of today’s conflicts.  The Wild Eyes team has worked in more than 50 countries on six continents, producing programming for Discovery, National Geographic, The History Channel, A&E and many more.  From politics and revolution, to crime and punishment, science and technology or culture and art, Wild Eyes strives to present every story with intelligence, humor, compassion and an even-hand.  Its mission is to help viewers see the world … with new eyes.

About Archion

Archion Technologies, based in Burbank, CA, is a leading provider of intelligent networked storage solutions specifically designed for post production and graphic professionals. Founded by a team of post production, technology, and entertainment industry professionals in 1999, Archion set out to create a new standard of data protection and performance for those creating video, audio, and graphical content. Since then, Archion’s high-performance storage technology has been critical to the success of hundreds of TV and feature film projects and is prominently used in Avid, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, and Pro Tools environments.


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