Wharfedale Introduces Its Ultra-High-End Jade Series Loudspeakers to the U.S.

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— Home Theater and Music Speakers Combine Wharfedale’s Latest Advances in Acoustic Technologies with Superb Craftsmanship — Hopedale, MA, Sept 21, 2011 — Sound Import, LLC, exclusive U.S. distributor for the Wharfedale brand of dynamic loudspeakers, is introducing the Wharfedale Jade Series loudspeakers to the U.S. market. The Jade Series features a complete lineup of home theater and music loudspeakers that utilize the company’s latest acoustic engineering and materials technologies to deliver exceptional performance. Stunning in appearance with furniture-grade, meticulously crafted enclosures and finishes, the seven models include the Jade-1 and Jade-3 stand-mounted monitors, the Jade-5 and Jade-7 floorstanding towers, the Jade-C1 and Jade-C2 center-channel speakers and the Jade-SR wall-mountable surround speaker. Prices range from $1,199 to $4,199 per pair in matte finish. “Jade series loudspeakers are designed to offer more than just ‘hi-fi’ reproduction,” said Peter Comeau, Wharfedale Director of Acoustic Design. “We created them more as fine music reproduction instruments that allow listeners to become totally involved in the musical performance, by experiencing all the emotion and passion given by the original musicians.” Jade Series loudspeakers are designed and built in the International Audio Group (IAG)’s vertically integrated ISO9001 facilities, utilizing computer-aided modeling and precision manufacturing techniques. A Wharfedale acoustic technician individually tests each drive unit and crossover, and each completed loudspeaker is then rigorously tested and certified to Wharfedale’s reference standards. The striking, curved and contoured enclosures are constructed from Crystalam, developed by Wharfedale engineers and formed from laminated wood and composites and created to reduce enclosure vibration and acoustic leakage to below the threshold of audibility. Each Crystalam layer is bonded in a manner that allows one layer to microscopically slide upon the other layer, creating a damping effect that eliminates the resonances heard from conventional MDF enclosures. The midrange drivers and woofers are constructed using Acufiber, a newly developed material that combines the responsiveness of glass and carbon fiber with a self-damping woven matrix. The result is a cone material that retains excellent transient response while reducing the coloration that can be caused by cone flexing. The cones are molded into a shape that does not allow standing waves to be produced, to further reduce coloration and distortion. The Acufiber cones operate in conjunction with a highly linear motor system, with the voice coil placed in the magnetic field in a manner that allows for balanced push-pull operation and augmented by shorting rings that reduce inductance for clearer and more extended midrange accuracy. Jade Series loudspeakers feature aluminum-dome tweeters with frequency response that extends beyond the range of human hearing, enabling extraordinary musical detail and high-frequency smoothness. These unique drivers are complemented by a phase-linear crossover that was created using sophisticated computer modeling and measurement techniques to achieve seamless integration between the drivers. The crossovers are optimized by ear and designed to deliver a coherent, natural sound and enable the loudspeakers to “disappear” into the room and act as a window into the musical performance, with an expansive soundstage, smooth tonal balance and precise imaging of vocals and instruments. Jade Series loudspeakers are available in four stunning finishes including Black Oak, Vintage Cherry, Rosewood and Piano Black. The loudspeakers are built to the absolute highest standards of craftsmanship and employ premium components throughout. The wide range of Jade models and configurations make them suitable for use anywhere from smaller spaces to larger installations. Unlike many loudspeakers, Wharfedale Jade Series models are designed and built completely in-house, from their drivers and internal components to their painstakingly finished cabinets. This vertical integration enables Wharfedale to have complete design and quality control over every aspect of every loudspeaker. In addition, the company can employ materials and techniques that are unavailable to other companies. Wharfedale Jade Series loudspeakers will be available in the U.S. in October 2011.


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