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West Post Digital Names Tamara Gagarin as Business Development Executive in Move to Expand Company’s Outreach within Independent & Documentary Film Arenas

Santa Monica, CA, Dec. 10, 2012 — West Post Digital, a leading online post production company based in Santa Monica, has named Tamara Gagarin as Business Development Executive. Today’s announcement comes in conjunction with the company’s efforts to expand its industry outreach within the feature film arena.

Gagarin has previously held in-house post production positions with such industry leaders as iO Film, Oasis Imagery, Technicolor Creative Services, Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging, and The Post Group. In her new position, Gagarin will seek to bring to West Post Digital new post production projects, primarily those involving indie films and documentaries, utilizing her established contacts within these sectors. She will develop new workflows for these projects, ensuring that every budget can be accommodated.

Regarding her new position, Todd Brown, co-founder of West Post Digital, said, “We are delighted to add Tamara to our team. She is well connected within the indie and documentary film worlds, and will embellish our concerted efforts to further expand our outreach within this market. Tamara will help us connect our facility with both established and emerging independent filmmakers.”

Adds Gagarin, “In our evolving industry, the independent filmmaker has certainly gained a stronghold. Specializing in digitally captured projects over the last few years has allowed me to work with many new independent feature filmmakers and their post production teams. I’m pleased to have joined West Post Digital, where, together, we can collaborate with these indie filmmakers, and help them bring their creative visions to fruition. We have begun to also market our services to indie film distributors, informing them about our ability to provide a diverse range of deliverables for their various indie markets.”


Prior to joining West Post Digital, Tamara Gagarin had been working on a freelance basis, consulting on a number of feature film projects. These include Paramount Pictures’ upcoming movie “Area 51.”

During 2011, Gagarin was Sales Executive with iO Film / The Post Group / Runway in Hollywood. There, she created bids and managed various post processes including setting up offline editorial bays, dailies sessions, DI, filmout and mastering through domestic and international distribution. She also worked as company liaison with clients to assure proper delivery of film elements for sale of feature films.

As Director of Post Production for Oasis Imagery (2009-2011) Gagarin created budgets, and negotiated and managed deals for independent and studio feature films, TV projects, trailers and commercials. Additionally, she served Oasis as Technical Operations Manager, overseeing day to day operation of the facility. In this capacity, she executed new workflows (2D/3D) for both film and digitally captured projects, implementing new post production policies with new technologies. Gagarin also served as Oasis’ Lead Executive DI producer.

From 2004-2008, Gagarin was a Theatrical Account Executive with Technicolor Creative Services. During this time, she was the company’s lead Theatrical Sales Representative for DreamWorks, Paramount and Warner Bros. Studios, overseeing projects for those studios on a global basis. High profile films with which Gagarin was involved during this time frame include “Dreamgirls,” the original “Paranormal Activity,” “The Hangover,” “The Bucket List,” “She’s Out of My League,” “Stop Loss,” “Ghost Town,” and “A Thousand Words.”

As a Senior Project Manager/Operations Supervisor (1994 –2004) with Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging, Gagarin was involved with front end feature dailies through mastering, as well as advertising and publicity trailer production. Earlier, with The Post Group (1991-94,) she was an Operations Representative.


Founded in l998 in Santa Monica, CA, by Kenny Fields and Todd Brown, West Post Digital specializes in online post production for network and cable television programs, independent, major studio and documentary films, home entertainment releases, videogames and Web-based content. Among the company’s high profile clientele are such industry leaders as MTV, “South Park,” National Geographic Channel, James Cameron, ABC, ESPN, Walt Disney Pictures, FX, “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy,” among many others.

West Post Digital’s services include Editing, HD finishing, da Vinci color correction, HD and SD Deliverables (including closed captioning and dubbing,) 100% Quality Control, audio sweetening, 5.1 audio mixing, and a host of other services—among them DVD authoring and file based services (for RED and Canon 5D formats.) With the slogan, “Welcome to Your Digital Destination,” West Post Digital helps its clients realize their creative dreams.

Located in a state-of-the-art, fully loaded, 20,000 sq. ft. facility, the mission of West Post Digital is to deliver the best possible end product to its diverse range of clientele. All of the company’s editing systems –Avid Symphony’s, Avid DS and Final Cut’s, can be utilized in any of its bays, allow for shared media storage, and are wired into West Post’s machine room (which sports 22 racks of all the latest gear.) West Post’s services are available to clients on a 24/7 basis.

Whether clients require layoffs to tape, deliverables, closed captioning, QC or other “tricky technical stuff,” every option is offered by West Post Digital. Especially attractive to clients is the proximity to West Post Digital’s professionally staffed da Vinci 2K and audio mixing rooms. All of these amenities combine to make the company the perfect combination of comfort, functionality, and cost effectiveness.

West Post Digital is located at 1703 Stewart Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90404. The phone is 310/857-5000, and the website is:

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