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WEGENER Expands Compel® MediaPlan® Content Management System With New MediaPlan I/O Contributor And MediaPlan I/O Professional Content Creation Stations

MediaPlan Stations Streamline Creation of Digital Assets for WEGENER iPump Networks

(September 16, 2008) – DULUTH, Georgia – Wegener Corporation (Nasdaq: WGNR), a leading provider of equipment for television, audio and data distribution networks worldwide, today announced the introduction of two new MediaPlan® i/o (input/output) content creation stations: MediaPlan i/o Contributor and MediaPlan i/o Professional.

Both new WEGENER® systems offer advanced tools for creating and preparing media content, including digitizing, encoding, editing, and controlling the quality of media assets prior to uploading them into the MediaPlan content management system. The MediaPlan content management system is part of WEGENER’s end-to-end solution for file-based content distribution.

WEGENER’s new companion MediaPlan i/o Contributor and MediaPlan i/o Professional content creation stations complement and expand the capabilities inherent in WEGENER’s family of file-based products. These products include: the WEGENER iPump® 6400, iPump® 6420, iPump® 562 media servers, Compel® Network Control and Compel® Conditional Access for dynamic command and monitoring of multi-site video, audio and data networks.

“We’re extremely pleased to introduce these new members to our family of private video, audio, and data broadcast solutions,� said Ned L. Mountain, President and COO of WEGENER. “These new content creation stations give content creators added flexibility when preparing media assets for distribution. Our customers can quickly upload content, along with valuable metadata information to MediaPlan CM, and then to COMPEL for fast, automated distribution.�

The Professional station may be used to create high-quality HD and SD video assets, while minimizing transmission and storage bandwidth. It offers a variety of video compression options including MPEG-4/h.264 video compression. The Contributor station offers basic MPEG-2 video encoding capabilities for smaller enterprise networks or networks managing multiple contribution sites. Any single network may “mix and match� Contributor and Professional stations for greater flexibility and efficiency with a WEGENER iPump network.

Both MediaPlan i/o content creation stations encode either realtime or tape-based video into digital files compatible with playout on an edge iPump media server. Both platforms allow files to be assembled together with extensive metadata descriptive information to form digital ‘assets.’