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Visual Solutions Uses disguise Media Servers for Projection Mapping atInaugural Ceremony for Expanded Muscat International Airport

The major extension of the Muscat International Airport in the Sultanate of Oman was celebrated on November 11 with an architectural projection mapping by Belgium-based Visual Solutions. The video mapping was driven by three disguise gx 2 media servers and a disguise 4x4pro media server with VFC cards.

The Muscat International Airport expanded its services and capabilities with the new extension, which included a second passenger terminal. The inaugural ceremony used the striking new terminal as a projection surface. The addition of custom-made screens produced a giant visual canvas composed of three 40 x 23-meter displays spanning the façade. A large stage with a military band was below the screens.

Visual Solutions used the disguise systems to pre-visualize and drive 13 Barco 4K UDX laser projectors. The media servers also fed live transmissions from the outside broadcast van into the projection feed with low latency.

“We chose disguise systems because we rely on their stable play out and timelining capabilities,” says Jo Pauly of Visual Solutions. “The 4K play out to all projectors also necessitated using disguise.”

In addition to the systems’ stability, Jo highlights the “flexibility, frame replacement, versioning and multi transport” features of the gx 2 and 4x4pro. “We especially liked the frame replacement and content versioning, which helped with all the last-minute content changes and additions. Also, the mobile editor function for alignment was very, very necessary and proved very stable. The systems performed perfectly, as always!”

The servers were supplied by Faber Audiovisuals who delivered them together with By-Lex

Filmmaster MEA was the client with Aurelia Gohin as creative mastermind and Julien Poncelet as technical director. Micha Stroobants was the Project Manager, Kristaps Liseks the disguise System Engineer along with Matt Villis and Callum Gossling as projector engineers . Chema (Jose-Maria Menendez Herrera) was the disguise Operator.