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Los Angeles, Calif. (November 7, 2006) – VICON House of Moves brings motion capture one step closer to real life for digital animation outfit Pendulum with the ability to capture the entire performance of an actor, including face, body and hands, while simultaneously recording the performer’s voice-over and giving the actor complete freedom of movement.

Leading motion capture studio House of Moves developed a customized capture volume within their in-house soundstage for voice-over recording capabilities at its Los Angeles facility. The capture volume was equipped with over 100 four mega-pixel, VICON MX40+ cameras situated to capture the full performance of multiple actors along with sets and props. The actors are given a full 360x{221e} range of movement within a 25’x25′ capture volume which captures not only the body motion but also high fidelity facial and finger motion across the entire capture volume. The resulting motion data was used by San Diego-based Studio Pendulum to apply their proprietary facial animation system to simplify the process of mapping facial animation onto a digital character.

In a half-day session, VICON House of Moves recorded the actor’s performance of a Mark Anthony monologue from Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra using over 160 markers-70 on the face, 25 on each hand, and 65 on the body along with props-before turning the data over to Pendulum for data application and final renders.

“A huge hurdle in bringing believable digital actors to the screen is achieving realistic facial animation,” says Michael McCormick, Director of Animation & Co-owner, Pendulum Studios. “The leading-edge motion capture technologies at VICON House of Moves, known throughout the industry for unparalleled accuracy and flexibility, blended beautifully with our 3D production experience and proprietary facial mo-cap pipeline to achieve an amazing level of precision and believability in the Mark Anthony production.”

“We have invested a lot of time and R&D in creating a full-performance capture solution that is incredibly powerful for game, commercial and film production requirements,” says Gary Roberts, Vice President of Production, VICON House of Moves. “In the past we have been able to capture the entire performance of an actor, but it was somewhat time and resource intensive in post production. Now with our new software and MX40+ we have a far more streamlined full performance capture pipeline that allows us to deliver the cleanest data within real-world production timelines – ultimately saving our customers time and money.”

About Pendulum Studios
Pendulum Studios is a San Diego based 3D animation and digital effects
studio specializing in high-end character animation and great
story-telling. Owned and operated by directors Michael McCormick and
Robert Taylor, the studio strives to produce the highest quality animation
for commercials, game cinematics, film, and their own animated shorts. For
more information on the studio or any of its service-oriented projects or
proprietary films, please visit or call (619)

About VICON House of Moves
VICON House of Moves provides professional motion capture services, stock
3D data, and custom 3D animation tools for the entertainment industry.
With expertise dating back to 1985 and credits ranging from Poseidon to
Spider-Man 2 to Titanic, VICON House of Moves has completed hundreds of
animation projects, including feature films, electronic games, television
commercials, broadcast television series, music videos and on-line
character animation/content for the Web. The world’s largest motion capture
studio, House of Moves was acquired by leading motion capture developer
VICON in 2004. For more information, call (310) 306-6131 or visit