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Vicon House of Moves Captures Crash Test Performance for Lexus “Light” Commercial

Motion capture and animation company,

Vicon House of Moves

(HOM), provided motion capture for the :30 ‘Light’ commercial for Lexus that first aired September 7, 2011. Directed by Daniel Kleinman of Epoch Films, the spot was part of the luxury carmaker’s “Engineering Amazing” campaign.

Full-service advertising agency Team One created the concept that highlights the advanced simulation technology Lexus developed in pursuit of industry-leading safety. Through the use of motion capture, the difference in data derived from a typical crash test dummy and the Lexus ‘crash test genius’ are illustrated with tiny dots of light outlining a driver in a slow-motion simulated crash. Production company Epoch Films enlisted Vicon House of Moves for the motion capture and data processing, and a52 to complete the visual effects for the spot.

The “Light” commercial was shot at Vicon HOM on their 2,520 square foot main stage, which features 80 Vicon T160 16-megapixel cameras. A stunt coordinator designed a 40-foot rig that was able to simulate the effects of an automobile collision with a stunt performer in the driver’s seat. The performer was outfitted in a mocap suit and was thrust forward in the rig with movements similar to those of a crash test dummy captured by the Vicon cameras. Once the data was captured, Vicon HOM retargeted the data at their Los Angeles studio for a52 to integrate into the final spot.

“With this project we were able to showcase the flexibility of working on the House of Moves stages for mocap,” said Brian Rausch, Vice President of Production, Vicon, House of Moves. “Our stages and capture volumes are big enough to facilitate a shoot that required a custom 40-foot rig to simulate a crash test scenario that exists in an automobile factory. While as a standard we capture at 120 Frames Per Second (FPS) we increased the rate of the T160 to 240 FPS to capture even more detail at the point of impact. It was incredibly interesting to see what the body goes through in a collision.”

About Vicon House of Moves

Vicon House of Moves has been the go-to studio for film, television, game and commercial creatives for over 10 years and has recently worked on projects for clients including Microsoft, Activision, EA, Bandai, Rockstar Games, Capcom, THQ, Naughty Dog Studios, SCEA, Bungie and others. In addition to the HOM main stage, the 26,000 square-foot facility is also home to a full performance capture volume capable of recording simultaneous high-quality audio with a capture session without any interfering background noise.

About Vicon

Academy Award®-winning Vicon is the world’s largest supplier of precision motion tracking systems, and match moving software. It serves customers in the CG animation industry, film, visual effects, computer games, and broadcast television, as well as engineering and life science industries. Vicon operates in four offices worldwide, including its Los Angeles-based Entertainment headquarters: a 26,000 square-foot facility equipped with three performance capture stages for Vicon’s service company House of Moves.

Vicon is a subsidiary of OMG (Oxford Metrics Group – LSE: OMG), plc., a group of technology companies that produces image-understanding solutions for the Entertainment, Defense, Life Science and Engineering markets. Other holdings include: 2d3, a manufacturer of specialized image understanding software for defense applications; Yotta DCL our highways surveying business in the UK; and Yotta MVS, a leading US provider of data collection services for the assessment of property taxation.

Vicon and OMG global clients include: Life Science leaders University of Pennsylvania, the VA Hospitals, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Titleist Golf, The Andrews Institute; Engineering industry leaders Ford, BMW, Airbus, Lockheed, Pratt-Whitney, NASA, Caterpillar, International Truck, and Toyota; and Entertainment companies Sony Pictures Imageworks, Sony Computer Entertainment, Industrial Light and Magic, Sega, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Vivendi, Electronic Arts, Square Enix and many others.

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Production Company: Epoch films
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Executive Producer: Lisa Margulis
Producer: Johnnie Frankel
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Graves
Group Account Director: Craig Crawford, Jason Stinsmuehlen
Account Creative Director: Molly Grubbs, Nik Piscitello
Art Director: Ryan Didonato
Copywriter: Andrew Smart
Producer: Beth Hagen
Director of Photography: Stephen Blackman
VFX Company: a52
VFX Supervisor: Patrick Murphy
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Lead Flame: Glyn Tebbutt
CG Supervisor: Kirk Shintani
VFX Producer: Pete King/Scott Boyagean
Editor: Steve Gandolfi
Sound Mixer: Bob Gremore
Music: Robot Repair
Composer: Kael Alden