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Version2 provides both the editorial and the design/effects in this split screen spot for Optimum. Editor Vito DeSario does double duty as he cuts a side by side shot of two network providers- Optimum and the other guys. Creative Director Kieran Walsh and Tim Farrell supply clever effects as we see how Optimum gives superior customer service and provides its clients with more than enough bandwidth to support their business. The two shots give us a simultaneous glimpse into how a successful company creates clout, and how the others fall short.

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The Creds:

Client: Cablevision Systems
       Corporation /Lightpath
Spot Title: "Side by Side Corporation"
Air Date: January 2008 Agency: Gardner Nelson + Partners
Director of Broadcast: Meegan Hanrahan
Creative Director/Writer: Tom Nelson
Art Director: Alexis Stein Prod Company: Gartner
Director: James Gartner
EP: Elaine Behnken
Producer: Roger Petrusson Editorial: Version2
Editor: Vito DeSario
Head of Production: Frank Devlin
Producer: Meagan Wroclawski Post/Effects: Version2
CD: Kieran Walsh
Online Editor: Tim Farrell Telecine: The Mill, NY
Colorist: Fergus McCall Mix: Color
Audio Mixer: Kevin Halpin Music: Tonal
Composer: Alex Lasarenko
Producer: Warren Wilson Shoot Location: NYC/Edison, NJ/Brooklyn, NY

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About Version2:
The Version2 group includes editorial and VFX/motion design divisions working collaboratively and independently in the commercial, film and broadcast arenas. The editorial roster is comprised of Owner Vito DeSario, Tina Mintus, Sloane Klevin, Micah Scarpelli, Rick Waller and Mark Thomas. The VFX/motion design division is headed by Creative Director Kieran Walsh, Designers/Animators Federico Saenz-Recio, Craig Davis, Michael McKenna and online editor Tim Farrell. Kathy Misrock is Head of Business Development and Sales, Frank Devlin is Head of Production.

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