Vaughn's 'Don't Come A Knockin' brings 'Missouruh' to the 'Big Apple!'

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On Saturday, September 29, 2012 a group of New Yorkers with country in their soul descended upon Manhattan with cowboy boots, hats and tight jeans.

Dwight Thomas Vaughn, a Southeast Missouri native who has lived, written music and performed in NY City and abroad for many years - debuts a new music video “Don’t Come A Knockin” filmed & directed by Michael Stever and choreographed by Leasen Almquist. This first in what Vaughn says will be a series of new music videos, are all designed to celebrate the release of a new sound in country music. “In These Genes” is the title of Vaughn's new CD, and is deeply rooted in traditional country and blue grass sounds, combined with a somewhat pop/rockabilly flare, strong lead vocals, memorable melodies, lyrics and tight harmonies. All surrounded by the electric and acoustic guitar, fiddle, dobro, steel guitar, banjo and rhythm from Nashville’s Music Row. The video itself celebrates the music of the heartland embraced by the streets, sounds and iconic landscape of New York City. A cancer and heart attack survivor, Dwight Thomas celebrates life’s journey and the opportunity for growth each day brings.

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“This path of self-revelation has produced a masterful songwriter. The many highlights in his recent show “Trail of Cheers” included those songs written by Mr. Vaughn as they allow him to guide his audience to a feeling of personal cheer.” Russ Weatherford, Times Square Chronicles, NYC