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Spanish developer SGO, a leader in digital color correction, VFX and finishing software, today announces that Unique Media has purchased its flagship product Mistika Ultima, to expand its current business range from high quality television programs to cinema and commercial productions.

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Unique Media specializes in creating documentaries, current-affairs and cultural programs, as well as entertainment, commercials, corporate broadcasting and event productions. For over seven years, the post production house has worked closely in partnership with Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) the national public broadcaster of South Korea to produce programs that promote successful small and medium sized enterprises based in the country.

For the past 13 years, color grading for TV production has become an essential part of Unique Media’s offering. Through its advanced HDR functionalities, Unique Media will be able to offer color grading for movies and the development of short-form virtual reality (VR) content. It will also be able to up-scale existing HD material to UHD using the Mistika software, and create new HDR content for UHD.

Mistika has been developed to offer broadcasters advanced editing, VFX, color grading, text, paint, audio, S3D, complete finishing in a fully scalable, truly interactive, real-time, and totally resolution-independent post production system.

“Thanks to Mistika, Unique Media is more competitive in Korea’s fast-growing new media market. Among lots of post productions, we’ve been satisfying the complicated and sensitive demands of broadcasters ahead of the competition and they now have greater expectations of us. I also have some great expectations of Mistika,” comments Minyoung Kim, Mistika operator at Unique Media.

“Major broadcasters in Korea will seriously start distributing content in UHD from February 2017” comments Jihyung Kang from the SGO team in Korea. “Mistika plays an important role in making sure Unique Media continues to produce superior images for high quality projects and finishing UHD/HDR productions ahead of its peers.  By utilizing SGO creative technology they are able to broaden their offerings and stay one step ahead of the pack.”