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Two Fests, Two Films For Cut + Run’s Jay Nelson

Cut + Run’s Jay Nelson kicks off the New Year with two films in special festival screenings. Nelson co-edited and co-executive produced the documentary feature Wild in the Streets, which enjoys its World Premiere at Slamdance 2012. He also directed, edited and produced the short film The Third Crossing, which screens at the second annual Waimea Ocean Film Festival.

Premiering at Slamdance 2012 is the feature documentary Wild in the Streets. Co-EPd and edited by Jay Nelson and Steve Prestemon, the film delves deep into the annual rivalry between two sides of a rugged English town who compete in a 2000 year old game of football. Nelson also served as co-writer of the film with Peter Baxter, telling the history of this brutal sport that is the grandfather of soccer, football and rugby with imagery from cinematographer Lance Acord.

“Wild in the Streets holds the magic and spectacle of three of the world’s most popular sports. This town has kept this game with 3000 players a beautiful and brutal secret for almost a 1000 years,” says Cut + Run’s Nelson. “The match is an incredible sight to behold and there was no one better to capture its wild beauty than Lance Acord. From a story and edit standpoint it was a singular creative challenge that was almost as rigorous as the game itself.”

Humbled by the challenge of crafting a story from over 400 hours of footage, Nelson worked closely with Director Peter Baxter to design the film’s structure for the larger part of a year, and two years with Prestemon to craft the massive game from 10 different cameras and over a dozen different sources of historical media, dating back as far as 1918. When all was said and done, completion was the realization of 5 years of hard work. In Nelson’s words, “Like this rough sport, nothing great comes easy. I love a challenge.”

The Third Crossing charts the efforts of 18 women from the Kawaihae Canoe Club making their third historic crossing of the Alenuihaha Channel. The endeavor, to rediscover ancient paths and Hawaiian trade routes, required intense planning, training, courage and stamina.

“The film allowed me to explore this region from a unique vantage point behind the camera,” explains Nelson, who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and in Los Angeles. “I was inspired by the women involved in the journey and, ultimately, the power of the ocean – and one of the roughest crossings in the world.”

Jay Nelson is an award-winning editor for Cut + Run, the company with offices in Los Angeles, New York and London that is known for many of the top commercials in the world. Jay’s editing credits include commercials for Microsoft, Hyundai, Land Rover, Swiss Air, Sony, Suzuki and the Olympics. Nelson was the post supervisor and editor of Comedy Central’s “Wanderlust” and edited the film “Holy Wars” for director Stephen Marshall “Broken,” directed by Alan White and starring Jeremy Sisto and Heather Graham. In 2000 Jay edited the first Internet feature “The Quantum Project” starring John Cleese and Steven Dorf, directed by Academy Award-winning Production Designer Eugenio Zanetti, which won him several nominations for editing.

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