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Twist Director Matt Pittroff Serves Up “Brand Attitude” For McDonald’s

New York & Minneapolis – Twist Director Matt Pittroff has applied his award-winning comedic mojo to a new, four-spot campaign for McDonald’s. The commercials depict hardworking, sharp-witted McDonald’s crew members saving their valued customers—valuable time. Apparently, a few seconds can go a long way.

Click below to see how a few happy costumers took advantage:

“I think Matt was born to direct this campaign,â€? says Mark Manion, Creative Director at Hoffman Lewis Advertising. “He brought so much enthusiasm and energy to this project, and it was a great collaboration between everyone involved. Matt’s passion for the idea is what drove that. I would seriously hate to see what that guy would do with a few extra seconds.”

For Twist’s Pittroff, it was the brand-attitude of the campaign that excited him. “A little more funny; a little less sausage biscuit,â€? he says. “At the end of the day, we are trying to sell more sausage biscuits, but I have to credit the Agency for developing a campaign that went beyond that. They crafted relatable, entertaining spots centered around a very universal premise—what could/would happen if you had a few more seconds in your day. That makes me want a sausage biscuit right now!â€?

According to the Director, this was an ideal creative process from the start. “There was time to think about my treatment and bring something to the spots—a luxury that is not always afforded to Directors,� he explains. “The Agency opened the door for collaboration early, and I happily entered. We even developed one of the spots together.�

The Twist production team delivered on-time and on-budget, shooting all four spots in an impressive two days. “I think our practical approach to the job helped us win it,� Pittroff continues. “The job was ambitious (as they all are) but because we were so unified in our thinking, and the schedule was so well planned in advance, we had time to spare to play with the comedy on-set.�

After production wrapped, the agency team stayed in touch with Pittroff, allowing him to give input during the editorial and post process. “Of course, there are many factors that go into putting a successful commercial campaign together. But I often walk away from a shoot with very high hopes—then I see the edits—and throw up in my mouth a little. Not the case here. The Agency did a great job with these cuts and managed to maintain a pace that suited the comedy.â€?

“This was the kind of job I think every Director hopes for,� concludes Pittroff. “Good boards, great people, totally collaborative. We had a good time and ended up with four great spots. It just all clicked and I credit the Agency for that. They hired me for my sensibility; they knew I was gonna work my ass off and they let me do my job.�

About Director Matt Pittroff:
Director Matt Pittroff is a student of people with an eye for color and composition – skills honed during his early studies of fine art and work as a midway carny. He has garnered a multitude of perspectives in the industry, from working at an ad agency to production, where he moved his way up the call sheet finding a niche in the Art Department. Subsequently, he opened a boutique production company, Working Stiff, where he directed and produced projects that have been showcased in such places as “Creativity Online,� “Shoot,� and at Cannes Lions 2008.

About Twist:
Twist, a North American production company, was founded in 1997 by President/Executive Producer Jim Geib. The company has been able to remain competitive in a global marketplace from offices in New York & Minneapolis. From its inception, Twist has been dedicated to a team model, which supports a directorial roster of diverse talents and skill levels. The team structure allows new talent to develop while experienced directors stay fresh. This provided an ideal environment for the launch of Twist’s Content division, created to address project development and production for the variety of emerging needs — from entertainment to educational. Working closely with the Commercial department and the Twist cadre of directors, this leg of the company features work for Target, General Mills and Apple. One of the notable projects developed by this division is an unprecedented HD/3D film entitled “Mars 3D,â€? in cooperation with NASA for the worldwide museum community. Twist also supports a New York-based staff sales model. The company’s team model encourages well-informed client care from project inception to completion with an integrated approach. The Twist brand is recognized the world over for its high-quality production value and client service. For more information about Twist, please go to


Client: McDonald’s
Marketing Director: Randy Bates

Spot Titles: “Wanted,� “Dock,� “Daughter,� “Shirt�
Airdate: June 2010

Advertising Agency: Hoffman Lewis Advertising
Creative Director: Mark Manion
Senior Copywriter: Jake Edinger
Art Director: Jon Hansen
Copywriter: Daniel Cady
Art Director: Chris Berry
Project Manager: Janelle Strother
Broadcast Business Manager: Gloria Anderson
Producer: Dan Bryant

Production Company: Twist/New York & Minneapolis
Director: Matt Pittroff
DP: Andy Lillien
President/Executive Producer: Jim Geib
Executive Producer: Amyliz Pera
Producer: Steve Blair
Production Supervisor: Nathan Haener
Production Designer: Susan Peterson
Coordinator: Brian Morris
Staff Reps: Kathryn Lotis, Rob Neill

Editorial, Design, Sound Design Company: 90 Degrees West
Editor: Scott Whiteaker
Graphics Design: Vlad Sarkisov
Assistant Editor: Andy DeVries
Sound Designer: Mark Bartels