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Tweak Software Launches Major Upgrade for RV Playback Software

RV 3.6 features 2K Uncompressed Playback from Disk, Remote Sync, HDR LUTs, Stereo 3D and More

Tweak Software, developers of RV, the image and sequence viewer for animation and visual effects, announced today the release of a significant new version. New features introduced with RV 3.6 include: 2K uncompressed playback from disk, remote sync, HDR LUTs, and a Package System for RV scripts and other extensions.

Tweak Software released RV one year ago, and it has already been adopted by leading VFX and CG animation studios such as Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital, Tippett Studio, and LAIKA. The key to its success is that RV is a professional, high-performance product built on an open, extensible architecture allowing users to adapt the software to their own pipelines and styles of working.

“LAIKA successfully used Tweak’s RV toward the end of production on Coraline,” commented Tony Aiello, Software R&D Manager at LAIKA. “We found the combination of stability, clean interface, pipeline integration features, and stereoscopic playback really met our needs. We were also very pleased with the outstanding customer support. After that experience and evaluation of other alternatives, LAIKA’s entertainment division has now standardized on RV as our default studio playback solution.”

Seth Rosenthal, President and co-founder of Tweak explained, “We set out to make a playback tool that would convince the industry leaders to set aside proprietary players for a commercial product, and that is what has happened. RV’s extensibility makes it unique. All of the source code for RV’s UI and control logic comes with the program. Users can easily create new features, control RV remotely, or even embed RV in their own proprietary applications.”

According to Alan Trombla, Tweak’s Director of Product Development “Extensibility changes the entire support relationship so that users are not held hostage to a vendor’s development schedule. RV 3.6 pushes this to next level.â€?

“During the beta cycle for this release, one customer asked for the ability to use identical RV session files on Linux, Windows and OS X, even though the media path is different on each platform. We spent an hour or so writing an RV Package to translate file paths on the fly, and we put it on the website so all users could download and adapt it to their own environment. You can’t do that with a black-box application,” concluded Trombla.

RV is currently available directly through Tweak Software,

at the price of $299 per node locked license and $369 per floating license. RV comes with RVIO, a batch image processing tool for converting files and publishing dailies, and RVLS, an image properties inspector. To schedule a demonstration of RV 3.6 at SIGGRAPH 2009, please send an email to


About RV

RV is a real-time, film resolution, high-dynamic-range image and sequence viewer for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The application also includes native support for stereo 3D, Remote Sync, 2K uncompressed playback from disk, and HDR LUTs. RV combines a flexible architecture with a lean, polished design tailored to professional digital artists. Free downloadable trial versions of the software are available upon request at


About Tweak Software

San Francisco, CA-based Tweak Software was founded in 2007 to develop tools that address real-world production needs of VFX and animation professionals. The company was co-founded by Jim Hourihan and Seth Rosenthal in 2007. Jim Hourihan is the recipient of two Sci-Tech Academy Awards and is best known for developing Dynamation, the first commercial particle system that was subsequently incorporated into Autodesk’s Maya software. Hourihan also spent six years as a principle R&D engineer for Industrial Light and Magic where he developed many tools still in use at the facility today. For more information, visit