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Trailer Park’s Advanced Content Group to Demo Silverlight-Based Enhanced Movies Technology at Microsoft Booth During NAB

Hollywood & NAB/Las Vegas, April 12, 2010 –Trailer Park’s Advanced Content Group has announced that its Microsoft Silverlight-based enhanced movies will be demonstrated at the Microsoft booth during the National Association of Broadcasters Conference 2010 (NAB). In addition, Curt Doty, Executive Vice President of Trailer Park’s Advanced Content Group, will speak on an NAB panel regarding Mobile marketing.

Showing at the Microsoft NAB Booth, Trailer Park has produced a touch screen demo developed in partnership with Warner Bros. that will highlight Silverlight in the hit comedy film “The Hangover.�

According to TPAC executives, when consumers watch a digital movie on their televisions, computers and mobile devices, they seek an experience that is easy, elegant and instant. Consumers are also multi-taskers who want to remain connected to the outside world during their movie experiences. With Silverlight enhanced movies, consumers have a new platform that accomplishes all of this and empowers them like never before. For the major movie studios, the Silverlight enhanced movies paradigm offers a range of modular solutions to make this kind of movie experience affordable for every film.

Doty said, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Silverlight team, which can revolutionize home entertainment for all the major movie studios. Trailer Park will also export the UI and strategy for the PC to the Windows Phone 7 built on Silverlight.

Adds Trailer Park CEO Rick Eiserman, “Silverlight-based enhanced movies represent a distinct change from traditional home entertainment—this technology is vital to home entertainment’s survival. The addition of connectivity, interconnectivity and the digital distribution of interactive content creates an evolution of the category.�

Eiserman continues, “As digital distribution gains market share, bare bones downloads will not do. The studios need an exciting offering—a true innovation—and that is what’s being represented by Silverlight.�

“Microsoft is excited to collaborate with Trailer Park on the technology demonstration of Silverlight-based enhanced movies,� said Steve Sklepowich, director of Silverlight at Microsoft. “Silverlight 4 and PlayReady DRM will help provide consumers with a truly dynamic, next-generation movie experience.�

In other TPAC News: Doty, one of Hollywood’s leading experts in Blu Ray and BD Live, will appear as a panelist on an NAB Panel, April 14th, to be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Room N239 at 2:30 PM. Titled “Mobile: A New Marketing/Advertising Tool for Hollywood,� the panel is being produced by, and will be moderated by that site’s founder/editor Debra Kaufman. (


The NAB panel is being described as follows: “Hollywood studios have quickly adopted mobile as a potent tool for marketing, promoting and advertising new feature films and TV shows. From movie posters with an MMS code to iPhone app, studios and networks are exploring ways that offering trailers, games, social media and ancillary content via mobile to build buzz and ticket sales as well as target demographics and develop social communities. This panel features the creative interactive agencies and others who have created some of these groundbreaking campaigns. The panelists will talk about the technology, aesthetic, and business considerations in building successful mobile marketing for entertainment properties.�


Curt Doty joined Trailer Park in 2009 as Executive Vice President of the company’s Advanced Content Group. From 2004-09, Doty was Vice President, Creative Services, with Universal Studios Home Entertainment. There, he led many successful campaigns, including those behind “Curious George,� “The 40 Year Old Virgin,� “Shrek 2,� “Madagascar� and “The Bourne Ultimatum,� to name just some.

Considered one of Hollywood’s leading experts in Blu-ray and BD-Live, Doty has also been responsible for the creative and technology development for Blu-ray including architecting U-Control and BD-Live for the Universal Studios. He has been a leading force in pushing the format with award winning interactivity and connectivity.

Doty’s professional heritage lies in branding television networks all over the world. His expertise in image campaigns, interface design and interactive television, has benefited such major clients as ABC, CBS, FX, TV Guide Channel, Discovery, Pro Sieben, SAT.1, StarTV and Electronic Arts. Previously, Doty was a multi-award winning EVP/Executive Creative Director with Pittard Sullivan, an internationally renowned branding and marketing firm. Prior to that post, he had been a lead designer with ABC News. Doty is a graduate from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.


Trailer Park’s Advanced Content Group provides to its clients enhanced content spanning many platforms, including iTV, 3D on Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, mobile apps, and iTunes Extras. TPAC regularly integrates the latest cutting-edge technology to enhance content for its clients’ projects.


Based in Hollywood, California, Trailer Park is the industry’s leading entertainment marketing agency, with clients working across the full media spectrum, including major studio and indie film releases, broadcast and network television networks, channels and programs, home entertainment media, including DVD releases and video games, Broadway and live theatre
presentations, sports projects, music, and original content for the Web. Trailer Park, a collection of creative boutiques, specializes in the conception, design, production and implementation of audio/visual, print and web promotional campaigns for every segment of the entertainment industry.

Among Trailer Park’s clients are Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Universal, Columbia Pictures, ABC, Activision, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Disney, Paramount, and Warner Home Video, to name just a few. For more information, please see: