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A Tour De Force In DLP® And LED At I/ITSEC’09: Christie Matrix StIM, Christie MicroTiles And World’s First WQXGA Development


will showcase a tour de force in DLP® and LED-powered technologies with the world’s first

LED simulation projection system

with simultaneous visible and infrared illumination, the Christie Matrix StIMâ„¢, and the first modular, ultra-high resolution

digital display system

, Christie® MicroTiles™ on its booth at I/ITSEC, #1449. Building upon the great success of the

Matrix StIM

, Christie also announces its global lead in developing next generation simulation products featuring Texas Instruments’ (TI) (NYSE: TXN) WQXGA (2560×1600)-resolution

DLP® technology


Nancy Fares, business manager for DLP technology, Texas Instruments comments: “Christie has been developing TI DLP-based projection systems since 1995. Its breakthrough innovations marrying DLP platforms with LED-illumination are affirmations of the Company’s leadership in providing discerning customers, like those in training and simulation, with purpose-built, long-life and comprehensive projection systems that consistently meet the mark on ultra-high resolution, brightness levels and optical efficiency. The newest offering of Christie WQXGA DLP solutions will certainly carry on their tradition.�

Available mid-2010, the WQXGA Christie Matrix StIM continues to evolve the revolutionary simulation technology introduced at I/ITSEC 2008. With the integration of the WQXGA chip, the award-winning Christie Matrix StIM platform continues to be the world’s first and only LED-based simulation projection system featuring InfraScene™, ArrayLOC™ and AccuFrame™. Christie Twist™, remote electronics with compact projection head, a ruggedized option and other supporting mounting structures for custom installations will be available.

“Unlike other solutions offered, Christie’s WQXGA platform will maximize the total package, not just the resolution but also higher brightness. It’s about how well the DLP and LED technologies fit together – Christie’s deep understanding of customer needs, our credibility in the market and our integration experience will provide the maximum benefits for customers in the simulation market,â€? says Zoran Veselic, vice president, Visual Environment at Christie.

Simulation innovations on display
The full breadth of Christie innovations are on display at booth #1449, including:

Christie Matrix StIM
This breakthrough display solution was recently awarded the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) 2009 Innovation Award for New Technology. I/ITSEC attendees will witness how this award-winning, arrayed system offers an extended color gamut with saturated colors. The display will consist of a Toroidal curved screen wall measuring 18.7 ft. wide by 4.02 ft. tall with the projectors in a 1×3 blended array. Montreal-based company CAE will provide Medallionâ„¢ – 6000 image generators and content demonstrating multiple flight scenarios.

Christie MicroTiles
Newly introduced,

Christie MicroTiles

is the world’s first modular, digital display built on the long-life, low-risk DLP- and LED-platforms. Super fine pixel pitch of 0.5mm, narrow 10â€? (260mm) depth profile, easy front access and viewable from any angle, the Christie MicroTiles are ideal for command/control and surveillance. The Christie MicroTiles will be arranged in a 3×8 configuration with the Christie Spyder X20 providing multiple input and output sources to demonstrate mobile surveillance capabilities. Thermopylae Sciences and Technology’s iSpatial framework will complement the display, enabling real-time device movement, simulation and tracking which will run on Google Earth Mobile.

Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
Christie will use the NVG display to demonstrate a new capability in NVG training, working in partnership with Renaissance Sciences Corporation (RSC). The set-up will consist of two Christie Matrix StIM projectors in a 1×2 blended array. In addition to the standard RGB components that are typical of most projection technologies, the Christie Matrix StIM offers a separate near-infra-red (NIR) illumination source that directly stimulates actual NVGs. This feature allows balancing between the visible and the NIR images without compromising one for the other. To fully leverage this feature, RSC’s Interservice Common Service Module (ICSM) computes the optimal display drive parameters based on a physically accurate model of the underlying database and environmental dynamics.

Christie AutoCALâ„¢
The final stop at the Christie booth will showcase the new and improved Christie AutoCAL integration tool. Showcasing this feature will be two

Christie Matrix WU2

projectors arranged in a 1×2 blended array to front project approximately 3456×1200 resolution images on a cylindrical curved screen. Rockwell Collins’ EP-50 image generator (IG) will populate the screen with flight simulation images that attendees can test for image alignment and geometry with Christie AutoCAL. As they ‘knock’ the Christie projectors out of alignment, attendees will observe how Christie AutoCAL quickly and accurately re-aligns the geometry of the display for pixel-perfect images.

“Christie’s wide range of training and simulation products at I/ITSEC are a virtual ‘tour de force’ in cutting-edge visualization technologies,� remarks Veselic. “Unlike the competition, Christie, along with its extensive line of purpose-built simulation projectors, also supplies comprehensive programs including system design, program management and support for integration technologies. We invite visitors to our booth to see for themselves the future of the simulation industry, from a company on a fast track to innovation.�

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