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ToolsOnAir introduces live video and real time graphic solution


continues to build on their commitment to deliver high-level broadcast solutions based on the Apple platform by presenting just:live at this year’s


, a video and real time graphics player for any news, show or live event situation.
The recent turbulence in the world economy has affected broadcasters’ budgets and they are now open for solutions running on standard IT platforms like Apple’s Xserve.

Just:live, as a part of the ToolsOnAir broadcast suite, is built to reduce the investment costs of establishing a TV channel. When calculating overall investment broadcasters need to take into account not simply the capital investment in new hardware and software, but also recurring yearly costs such as maintenance fees, energy costs and manpower needed to run the whole station.

Just:live is a highly secure live video player with the capability to bring any kind of graphical information on screen in real time.
With its 4 layers of graphics just:live can deliver background graphics in combination with station ID, news tickers or lower thirds.
The revolutionary concept of just:live is to integrate video play out and real time graphics in one simple, intuitive interface.

In general broadcasters have to use a broadcast automation system as a video server and a real time graphic solution from different vendors to run their live shows. With just:live run-downs from any newsroom system can be taken and then controlled from one interface with a single operator.
In the future ToolsOnAir plans to integrate hardware devices such as switcher controls to integrate just:live even deeper within the hardware environment of a typical broadcaster.

Running on Apple’s standard off-the-shelf Xserve or MacPro, customers have easy and quick access to a worldwide chain of suppliers and technicians.
About ToolsOnAir
ToolsOnAir has one clear vision: to provide a complete TV Station in a Mac. From ingest to play out, from your channel branding concept to the real time graphics on screen, we combine Apple’s reliable hardware with our software tools to enable you to operate an entire TV station with a Macintosh computer.
Using open standards, our complete technology is built to be open for the addition of any third party products including newsroom systems, vision mixers, and other software and hardware components. It integrates easily into existing setups.
With a central focus on an easy to use, intuitive interface, training costs are drastically reduced and the time to get your new system up and running is significantly shortened.