Tool's Joiner Captures The Art of Drifting For Bosch

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Director Erich Joiner of bicoastal Tool captures the rubber being put to the road in the recent web film, Performance Art for Bosch featuring drift racing superstar Vaughn Gittin Jr. via Team Detroit.

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Some artists work in oils, some in plaster; Gittin Jr. works in rubber and asphalt, and Joiner craftily turned him and his Bosch-enhanced Ford Mustang loose on the streets outside the LA County Museum of Art to redefine the term "performance art". Joiner comments, "I'm a big fan of drifting and wanted to show the sport in a more artful way. Most drifting videos on the web are pretty crude."

Eschewing the typical commercial approach, Joiner and the creatives at Team Detroit embraced the web, looking to create compelling viral content. With a limited budget being spread across multiple marketing mediums, Joiner, along with the Tool production team was still able to push the visual envelope, capturing a full-up three day commercial shoot in one day while still remaining true to the roots of drifting's street origins.

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"The pressure was on," Joiner notes. "There was no room for mistakes. You can't repave the street if you don't get it right. So in that respect, the stakes were high to nail it right out of the gate." Joiner worked closely with Gittin Jr. to choreograph the Mustang's moves. Cameras were mounted in multiple locations to capture his pulse pounding turns and drifts; from rooftops, cranes, on the ground, on the car and everywhere in between. Judging from the ferocious skid marks artfully burned into LA's finest asphalt, it was mission accomplished.

"This was just another example of the creative, nimble productions we're able to accomplish here at Tool," commented Executive Producer Jennifer Siegel. "We've been focusing a good portion of our energies in becoming a more diverse creative studio that can handle all forms of media - not just traditional commercial production."

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The Creds:

Client: Robert Bosch Corp.
Spot Title: Performance Art
Air Date: October 2008

Agency: Team Detroit
Copywriter/CD: Brad Phillips
Writer/CD: Dan Cerullo
Agency Producer: Michael Olk

Prod Company: Tool of North America
Director: Erich Joiner
EP(s): Brian Latt, Jennifer Siegel
Head of Production: Amy Delossa
Producer: Kelly Christensen

Editorial: Kinetic Post
Editor: Steve Lovill
Producer: Michelle Swanson
Audio: Dale Tallant/ Greg Meloche

About Tool:

Tool of North America is known for its mastery of "very, very short films, with blatant product placement." The aptly-named production company serves as an implement, enabling directors to discover-and then endlessly rediscover-what they do best. Tool's talented roster and knack for delivering laugh-out-loud comedy and arresting visual style engenders advertising's top honors. Well-established in the integrated media arena, Tool serves as a resource for agencies, collaborating with creatives to develop compelling content.

Tool's directors hail from diverse disciplines, including still photography, Academy Award-winning cinematography, documentary filmmaking, British TV comedy, and top agency creative posts. This diverse pool allows Tool to approach every project with a spirit of handcrafted excellence.

For more info, ping TRUST: 646.452.3388 (NY) | 310.451.5153 (LA) |



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