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Tool, Mustard Team for Cross-Atlantic Partnership

Tool, the rapidly expanding digital and live-action US-based production company, and award-winning, UK-based production company Mustard are joining forces. In a newly inked reciprocal partnership, the London-based Mustard – which has a history of successful collaborations with US-based production companies and directors – will represent Tool’s ever-expanding roster in the UK and Amsterdam for commercials and digital projects, while Tool will play the same role for Mustard’s diverse set of directors in the US.

The partnership follows a string of high-profile projects from each company. Mustard has released a string of spots for companies the likes of Budweiser, Jeep, HSBC, Canon and Samsung, Morrison’s, Lucozade, J20. Tool has gained increasing renown for live action and digital projects such as

Take This Lollipop

, the

Craftsman Screw*d

interactive reality show, and the humorous

Kohl’s campaign

featuring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Tool teamed up with Mustard in part for their experience in bringing American talent to Europe. “Over the past decade, we’ve transformed one American director after another into desirable names in the UK commercial production world,” noted John Doris, Mustard’s Managing Partner. “In bringing Tool’s directors into our family, we plan to aggressively pursue the same strategy, amping up their exposure by positioning them as a young, exciting company that is catching fire in London, around the UK, and in Amsterdam.” As the partnership develops, Mustard will also tap into partners in Germany and elsewhere to raise Tool’s profile across Europe.

Mustard’s three-person sales team of Natalie Haan, Claire Blewer and Verity Casey will work aggressively to find projects that engage Tool’s live action and interactive directors in the creative process as early as possible, as is the European custom.

Tool already enjoys a sizeable presence in the UK, but they foresee further growth emerging from their partnership with Mustard. “Mustard has a stellar reputation as a company supporting agencies in the UK market, in addition to Amsterdam and throughout Europe, noted Tool’s Managing Director, Brian Latt. “We’re looking forward to working closely with them and supporting each other from across the Atlantic.”

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About Tool

Bicoastal Tool is an award-winning production company, representing top live-action directors and interactive directors for advertising projects. From funny… visually engaging… and/or interactive, Tool’s diverse roster of unique talent creates unforgettable commercial and digital content across all platforms.

About Mustard:

Mustard was founded in November 1999 and is one of the fastest growing commercial companies in Soho. With a talented roster of both young and established names, Mustard has quickly made its mark with award-winning commercials, short films and digital work.

Mustard’s ethos is to cultivate close-working relationships with clients and agencies alike. The company enjoys working across the media platforms, problem-solving and making the very most of any creative proposition that comes our way, whether it’s broadcast, event-led or new media-related.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)