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Tool Inks Huge Talent in James Brown

Tool is thrilled to announce the signing of commercial, film and music video director James Brown, formerly of Smuggler/Stink. With a broad range, experience shooting around the world, and work characterized by an expansive and refreshing variety of pulse-pounding, eye-catching, and utterly memorable visual techniques, Brown is a unique talent who considerably bolsters Tool’s already impressive directing roster.

As a commercials director, Brown has established lasting creative relationships with brands such as PlayStation, Nike, adidas and Microsoft, among others. He has also shot work for Eurostar, Vodafone, eBay, Guinness, FIFA, Rolling Rock, Coca-Cola, and MasterCard. He has shepherded numerous celebrities through high-profile projects, including Eva Mendes, Andy Richter, Michael Fassbender, Ronaldinho and Wayne Rooney.

Brown’s film work includes the interactive short

Dark Ride

with Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints); a half hour comedy,

One Wedding and a Funeral

; and two LA International Short Film Fest-featured shorts,

Stuck in Traffic


An African Dream

. Brown’s resume in the music video world includes videos for Faithless, Tori Amos, The Spice Girls, Finley Quaye and Apollo 400, among others.

“James is a creative visionary,” noted Tool EP Brian Latt. “I love his brand of filmmaking. He has a gift for creating a powerful visual narrative and bringing an emotional intensity to the story.”

His commercial and music video work has been nominated and won awards worldwide and has been featured at film festivals. Brown’s work has been recognized by the U.N., the Guggenheim Museum, the Webbys, Cannes, Clios, Andys, New York Festival, Epica, International Food & Beverage, Australasia, First Boards, Music Week CADS, and One Show awards.

Prior to taking up the director’s chair, Brown was a film editor at VTR in London. He also spent time as a photojournalist for the

Japan Times

, an experience that nourishes his work to this day. Alongside developing his photographic eye, Brown worked as a screenwriter in Tokyo before expanding his narrative range by completing a novel while traveling through Thailand.

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