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Tool and Ignited Launch Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer with Massive Web Video Project

Konami recently launched the 2012 edition of its popular Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) videogame behind a series of character-driven Web videos created by Ignited USA and directed by Tool’s Jason Zada. Working closely with the creatives at Ignited, Zada helped give life to Robert Roberto Roberto, a legendary (and fictional) soccer referee whose zealous respect for the game permeates his home and colors his outlook on all areas of life.

Developed with the tremendous ideas of Ignited USA, the 13 videos are the centerpiece of Konami’s PES 2012 website, and they are an exploration of the comedy that unfolds when Robert Roberto Roberto steps off the pitch and into the chaotic real world.


to view all of the Robert Roberto Roberto Web videos.

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Client: KONAMI Pro Evolution Soccer


Robert Roberto Roberto

Product: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Launch: October 2011

Agency: Ignited USA

VP(s)/Group Creative Director(s): Jordan Atlas, Troy Scarlott

Creative Director: Jordan Atlas

Art Director: Jose Eslinger

Copywriter: Carissa Zaino

EP: Diego Espana

Editor: Kenneth Dodge

Production Co.: Tool

Director: Jason Zada

EP(s): Brian Latt, Oliver Fusiler

EP Digital: Dustin Callif

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